Crackdown Hint At Xbox One Event 'Wasn't Accidental' Says Exec

A month ago, at the Xbox One's debut event, Crackdown fans thought they spied a sly visual reference to the game's agility orb collectibles. They did, according to Phil Spencer, the boss of Microsoft Studios.

Spencer told Eurogamer the inclusion (above, as originally spied by NeoGAF) was on purpose. "The homage to Crackdown in the reveal screenshots was ... I know there was some, like, 'Did we accidentally sneak that...?' It wasn't accidental. Definitely." Spencer went on to say that a franchise like Crackdown would be a natural for a console with cloud-based features such as the Xbox One. It probably also helps that Crackdown was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

If this is a deliberate tease of Crackdown 3 or some other sequel, then who is making it? Original developer Realtime Worlds is no more, gone bankrupt after the crime MMO APB failed shortly after launch. Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games said back in February that it wasn't working on a sequel.

Microsoft Teases New Crackdown for Xbox One [Eurogamer]


    The bottom right image looks like Fable HD to me?

      I'm pretty sure it's actually this. The background looks similar:

        It definitely does look like that so you're probably right. Would make far more sense too, being from an MS studio.

    I was under the impression that part of Ruffian's deal was that if they finished Crackdown 2 on time then they got to keep the IP

    Top right is Below and middle bottom looks like Project Spark. Bottom right could be a game by Rare, it kind of looks like their logo in there.

    Crackdown 3... That's suddenly making me look at XBone.

    Still gonna buy a PS4 at launch, but XBone is definitely going to be bought later.

    Top right (Black Tusk???) is Below
    In between Forza and Halo is Project Spark
    To the right of Halo is...who the hell knows. Perfect Dark?

    I would say this will part of the free games to gold members promotion rather than a new crackdown. (as much as I want that)

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