E3 Is Being Built, Right Now. Here's What It Looks Like.

Gaming's biggest show doesn't kick off until next week, but expert teams of booth fairies and constructobots are already hard at work building E3's cavernous displays.

If only the real show was this spacious. Or quiet.

You can see an interactive 3D panorama of the floor below; squint and you can already imagine what each booth's secrets reveal (spoilers: PR staff and sweaty control pads).

E3 2013 [360 Panorama, via Wario64]


    quite literally one of the worst styles of photography

      If you look at it with a proper photosphere viewer [like google has], then it's awesome.

      But I agree, when they stretch/skew it into a single 2D plane, it looks horrible....

    Ok im getting crazy now. Ill be walking those floors next week. So freaking excited.

    I'm hoping for a large arse photo banner of David Hayter at the Kojima Productions booth this year.

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