In Borderlands 2, 'I Love You' Is Pronounced 'Poop Train'

Oh Krieg — dear, sweet Krieg. The Psycho Pack addition to Borderlands 2's roster had already won my admiration with his fire and axes. With this bittersweet peek at the man behind the madness, he's won my heart.

I've always wanted to get a heart tattoo on my arm, complete with a flowery banner that reads "Your mum". It might cost a little more, but "I'm the conductor of the poop train" might fit better.


    It is cool to see they took his character to such an interesting place. I like it :D.

    My god that was good, reminded me of Sincity.

    You know what, I SERIOUSLY want to see an ingame engine show done of this with this character :D He's AWESOME!

    Cool, Borderlands 2 Deadpool DLC.

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Pretty much everything about it screams Deadpool.

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