My Super Personal Top 5 Games On Wii U eShop

My Super Personal Top 5 Games On Wii U eShop

The popular conception is that the Wii U lacks really compelling games, but that often fails to take into account the games available via eShop. Here’s my take on the best eShop games that money can buy.

Mark ran down his top XBLA games yesterday, and today it's the turn of Nintendo's Wii U eShop. While it's not quite blessed with as many download titles as competing platforms, that's also a function of its relative immaturity -- although it would be nice if Nintendo Australia made the same titles available here as in the rest of the world. Remember, this is a personal preference list, so you're welcome to disagree (politely) in the comments below.

Super Metroid

The Virtual Console part of the eShop is stacked with lots of previous generation Nintendo goodness, and Super Metroid is one of the standout titles. I mean, you want me to justify why Super Metroid is great? Really? Really? I mean, even aside from the fact that as I type this, it's available from the eShop for a ridiculous 30c, it's one of the best games of the Super Nintendo era. How good is it? Consider that I purchased it… and I ALREADY OWN THE ORIGINAL SNES CARTRIDGE. It's just that good.

Super Mario World

SMW would be the most profitable game Nintendo ever released, were it not for the fact that the original Super Mario Bros has been released on every single Nintendo Platform ever, even including ones from alternate dimensions where electricity doesn't in fact work. That doesn't mean it's not a fine platformer, and well worth your download dollars, presuming you don't already have a copy, that is.

Chasing Aurora

Chasing Aurora in single player is a relatively inoffensive game idea; fly your bird through the gates as fast as possible, gaining time as you go and generating a score at the end. Trials, but with birds, in one sense. That's not why it's special, though. What makes Chasing Aurora stand out is the multiplayer, which cracks that "easy to learn, stupidly funny to play" barrier, as you flap around together. Warning: May cause intermittent bad language, depending on your maturity level.

Trine 2 Director's Cut

Trine 2's debt of inspiration to games like the Lost Vikings is pretty apparent, but that shouldn't be counted against it. Nintendo's often held up as the paragon of platform gaming thanks to that plumber fella -- you've probably heard of him -- but Trine 2's physics puzzles prove that it's not just Miyamoto who can make a good game. The inclusion of multiplayer is the cherry on the top of the cake, especially in local play where it's quick and raucous fun.

Little Inferno

Far too many games play it safe within the established genres, and that can lead to a lot of repetitive gameplay *COUGHHACKSPLUTTERMILITARYSHOOTERS*. While the core gimmick in Little Inferno could be accused of falling into that same trap, name me another game where you burn things.. and don't end up in trouble with the arson squad? On the minus side, it is a bit on the short side, but it's unlike anything you've ever played, and that's a good thing. Hurrah for creativity (and incineration) !

Did we get it right? Completely wrong? Let us know in the comments below…


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