New HD Remastered Scenes From Final Fantasy X/X-2 Are Always Welcome

Final Fantasy X was not my first Final Fantasy, nor is it my favourite by a long shot, but it was the Final Fantasy that gave the characters voices, so it'll always be strange and wonderful to me, especially in HD.

Here we get a taste of both sides of Square Enix's HD re-release — the epic original, and the dress-up dance number sequel. Which do I prefer? What can I do for you? *drops the base, then picks it back up again because we still need it*


    I love FFX, my favourite FF. Can't wait to play the HD version :)

    I am so keen to have this and X-2 on the go!

    FFX is the BEST! :D

    that laughing scene with Yuna and Tidus is my favourite of X and when it is revisited in X-2.

    Is X-2 the final mix being remastered (the one that was only released in japan with the extra dungeon)? or is it the standard international release.

    Really look forward to this! Only played FFX for the first time last year, but it quickly became a favourite of mine.

    I'm going to state the obvious here... but please Square, release a FFVII remake. I'd love you long time and we'd be best friends forever and ever.

    Doesn't look all that different from what I remember....

      SMH.. Optimized for HDTV and 16:9 widescreen.. Try playing the original on a HDTV and you'll sure as hell tell the difference

    am i the only one who noticed how much spoilers are revealed in this trailer? lol

    They should release another sequel. I wanna know what happens to Tidus.

    Am I really going to be the one to point out the lip synching? They had this perfect opportunity to fix it here and it's still terrible. But now HD terrible!

    Shame its gonna prolly release after the ps4 is out haha

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