Nintendo Direct at E3: Liveblog

Video streaming by Ustream Will it be possible for me to get through this without a single reference to that Reggie Fils-Aime catchphrase. I am going to die trying! Time for the Nintendo E3 Liveblog!

11.45: Seriously though, I just woke up. I am not ready. I need hydration. At the very least I need to get dressed. What are you guys and girls hoping to see?

11.48: Okay, now dressed. Now making last minute coke zero run. I am literally going to run.

11.53: I'm back. Genuinely excited for what's going to be shown today. Love Nintendo, I hope they bring it.

11.57: Yeah, I'm in America. I say 'bring it' now.

11.58: But seriously, thanks for joining me tonight. Especially those who have been through all these Liveblogs. E3 buddies 5 eva.

12.00: AND HERE WE GO!

12.01: POKEMANS. To be honest, I missed the whole Pokemon thing. I was just a little bit too old when it came out. Don't have that nostalgia for it.

12.05: BLOODY INTERNET, what did I miss? MARIO? AH SHIT.

12.06: Super Mario 3D World. Is this the 3D Mario? Man, it looks great, and I loved HD land... but it's no Galaxy if you get me. Still I loved loved loved 3D Land on the 3DS so I'm going to run with this. I'm in.

12.08: And it's Mario Kart! THE LEAST EVOLVED NINTENDO SERIES EVER. (I'm totally still going to play it.)

12.10: These tracks look good, but it's hard to say. This actually looks pretty good. Easy to forget just how successful this series was last time round.

Mario Kart 8 it's called.

12.11: Racing UPSIDE DOWN. It's the Mario Galaxy of Mario Kart!

12.12: I like the idea of using the Gamepad for two players at the same time. That's smart. It looks great.

12.13: DELAYS for Wii Fit U. That thing was just a glorified set of scales for me anyway. A really clumsy set of scales. Coming out this Summer I'm assuming.

12.14: Art Academy for Wii U. On e-shop. That's good and makes sense. Maybe I'll use it for ScribbleTaku.

12.15: Support of third parties! Like EA!

12.18: I hope Watch Dogs uses the Wii U Gamepad. I think that's a must.

12.20: Great wee line-up for e-shop.

12.21: You could make a really strong argument for Wind Waker being the greatest looking game ever made. Just saying.

12.22: 1080p. Zelda. Hnnnggg. DO THE SAME FOR METROID PRIME. I'LL DO ANYTHING.

12.24: Say what you want. I'm buying Wind Waker. I want to play it again, bugger it.

12.25: This Platinum game looks immense. Will play.

12.27: New Donkey Kong. Is this what Retro Studios is working on? Makes sense. Don't know why I didn't think of it before. DKCR was a big success.

It was also amazing.


12.34: Oh cool. This will be a big deal for a lot of people. Xenoblade Chronicles was plenty of people's GOTY. This looks good. I like it a lot.


12.36: But seriously, I have enough reasons to play my 3DS already. Have mercy!

12.37: Seriously, we are so easy to please! NEW CHARACTER. DROP DA BOMB IWATA.

12.38: Oh wow. Wii U? Different games? How is that going to work?


    Awww yes! My body is ready.

    I just wanna see as much Smash Bros Kerfuffle as they're willing to show, and whatever new Mario they're cooking up.

    Hoping to see a new 3D Mario game (Galaxy or other) and a new LoZ to get me sold on the WiiU

    Please Nintendo, I'm not asking for much.

    I'm hoping to see some exciting new IPs instead of the same old tired rehashes.

    However, I'm fully expecting to see a ton of low-effort ports or shovelware. On a positive note, maybe new Smash Bros!?

      It's Nintendo, you'll always get the same rehashes of the same properties. Not that that's a bad thing, I think we're all down for a new Metroid game (a PROPER metroid game) or a new Mario Kart for sure. Other franchises possibly need to reassess themselves and move in a bold direction (Zelda).

        No company can live on the same franchises forever, no matter how often you reboot/port/reimagine.

        They need some more new blood in Nintendo.

          This is definitely true, however they do a damn good job in convincing people they can O_o

    I hope they show whatever Retro's working on.
    And that it turns out that they're making 11 games right now.
    ... and Wind Waker HD.
    That's all.

    EDIT: Oh, and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Wanna' hear... something 'bout it.

    Last edited 11/06/13 11:58 pm

    SNES Virtual Console titles for the 3DS ranks pretty high in my books.

    Failing that, Reggie to come out and announce that they're going to partner with Sony to do some cross-platform shenanigans. Or maybe the reason that The Last Guardian hasn't been heard of is that they've jumped ship and it's actually going to be a Wii-U exclusive.

    I'd like to see some Zelda or Smash Bros. Hell, anything to play on my WiiU! It's just something I watch Youtube on at the moment.

    Hoping to see if they show what Retro have been upto and looking forward to the Smash Bros. reveal!

    come on nintendo!! smash us with games

    A new F-Zero would be cool.

      It certainly would be! The last one I played was F-Zero X on the 64 and that was a lot of fun.

    I really hope this will be a turn around for the Wii U in terms of games line-up. If all the titles are there it could really boost the system.

    What are the chances of a new IP or two?

      Not likely which is a shame. When was the last time that they dropped a big new IP?

        I'd say it was Pikmin, like Razor said. Here's hoping I guess! :D

    Updated controller with better battery life and capacitive touch screen?

    Here's hoping Nintendo has learnt a few things from the Microsoft & Sony E3 presentations. It's all about the games!
    Probably not... :(

    Expecting wiiU price cut is too much? Haha

    can nintendo do something to reignite my 'inner child'? He just doesn't give a sh!t about pokemon

    I was just a little bit too old when it came out
    Dear God, I'm older than you and was bitten hard by the pokemon bug with the original game. Catched 'em all!

    Think I'm finally over it now, though.

    "New Super Mario Bros 3D"?

      Ah, of course. Logical progression for what has become a series unto itself. Like that they have moved away from two stupid Toads.

    so cat suit mario is kinda adorable huh?

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