Nintendo Sets Up Its E3 Website, Features Totally Obvious Silhouettes

Nintendo's switching things up at E3 this year, and I suspect it's part of an attempt to take game news straight to fans, as opposed to going through any media filter. It is my professional duty to say, 'what gives Nintendo, aren't we friends any more? What did I ever do to you?' But at the same time, I think it's kinda smart. Now it's launched an E3 specific website.

At the moment the website is rather simple. It features a countdown Nintendo Direct at E3 which is about as banal as it comes, but it offsets your boredom by providing you with (gasp) silhouettes.

I've been refreshing the page in an attempt to check out different silhouettes, to hopefully get some sort of clue regarding what Nintendo is planning to show at E3 but it all looks predictably safe at the moment. There's Pikmin stuff, Luigi art, Mario and Luigi together holding a bomb for some reason. There's also a Wind Waker silhouette.

Let us know if you find anything cool or interesting!


    I thought I saw Akira but I realise it's probably Wonderful 101.

    The "holding a bomb for some reason" is Mario and Luigi: Dream Team!

    Uh.. A blob with feet and a star behind it. Are you sure that's not kirby?

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    Not sure if Pikmin, a new Pokemon or the leaf dudes from Wind Waker or all.

    The figure on the right has a really long face, pointy nose sticking out to the right, big cauliflower ears, a giant forehead with a big bump on the back of it.

    I look forward to this new wacky character in whatever game he'll appear in

    It's so obvious, the silhouette can only mean one thing ...

    Half Life 3 confirmed

    Just go to Replacing the X in the last string to a number from "1" to "10" for the full range instead of having to refresh ;)

    Make no mistake, I love Nintendo, have had my WiiU since day one, I have a tattoo of Samus for f*** sake…..BUT…..Nintendo, please learn how to build hype. All of these silhouettes are easy to make out, and of confirmed games to be shown. Why not put something there that TRULY gets all gamers/people talking. There has to be a huge surprise (there had better be) so why not show something that is really cryptic. I just shake my head time and time again. I don’t understand you at all. idiots

      I think Nintendo is a currently a bit slow the mark with providing compelling software, and for that reason it knows that there isn't much to hype right now. Its probably planning for the right time to build the hype. I felt the same as you especially when I saw the UK advertising... it seemed lame and unnecessary. Still I'll be picking a wii u up in one or two months, knowing that the games I've been waiting for are just around the corner, and I feel optimistic about the wii u's E3 reveals.

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