The New Mad Max Game Looks Great But…

The New Mad Max Game Looks Great But…

Why does Max not have an Australian accent? Why is he American?

It’s something that’s been bugging me since I watched the E3 demo of the game yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, Mad Max looks like a very well made video game. It’s an Avalanche game. It’s the open world you’ve been expecting. The intensity of the car combat feels very true to the Mad Max universe and it is most certainly a game that I would like to spend more time with.

As soon as the demo began I was waiting for Max to speak, because I was already a bit worried. Visually, Max retains a little of a young Mel Gibson’s facial features, but I found it troubling that a large part of bog-standard-male-video-game-man had been embedded into his DNA. I wanted to see how he spoke and with what accent.

It was a shame that bog-standard-male-video-game-man-voice was the sound that came out of his gob.

“We need to take out that sniper,” he said in the same gravelly voice used by almost every male video game character in the last decade.

He then said multiple other video-game-style tropey things throughout the course of the Mad Max demo, and it made me nostalgic for the original Mad Max character from George Miller’s movies. In Mad Max 2 in particular, Mel Gibson’s performance was a vulnerable one. He plays a man at ease with necessary violence but there’s a disguised softness to the way he communicates. There’s a calm cool to his delivery, but it’s a sympathetic portrayal, and I’m already getting the feeling that will be completely lost in Avalanche’s version of Mad Max.

It’s a shame, but in a world where every main character has to be a ‘badass’ and there’s zero room for subtlety, perhaps playing Mad Max with the same look and voice as every other video game on the market is inevitable. Perhaps it’s more marketable. I suspect it’s a change that many won’t notice or care about, but it bothered me. I can’t help but feel as though something has been lost.


    • Exactly, why not just call it something else if you aren’t going to honour the true essence of Mad Max. I’ve even seen an American article asking for the the same thing, so it doesn’t make sense to anyone.

        • maybe. and i thought that mad max 4 was cancelled after flooding in deserts which cause flowers to sprout and they had to shoot it in africa. and besides, mel gibson IS mad max.

          for example, when i went to nitro circus in cairns, i thought that travis pastrana was gonna be there (along side jolene van hught, special greg and tommy) but only tommy and greg were there and ruined. The least thing that the dev team behind the mad max game they could have at least hired a australian actor (or maybe Nolan North or crispin freeman because they’re basically the master of Voice Acting)

  • Wow. Mad Max is such an Australian icon that not having an Australian doing the voice acting seems like some higher form of blasphemy. Other times, I can maybe understand less Aussies – in certain environments, the Australian accent mixed with American can be pretty jarring at times.

    But this is Mad Max we’re talking about here. It’s about as Australian as Vegemite and Kangaroos. I think sometimes we forget the rest of the world resonated more with Mad Max 2 and 3, whereas for me, it was the first film that had the greatest impact.

    I am the Nightrider!
    I’m hotter than a rollin’ dice! Step right up, chum, and watch the kid lay down a rubber road, ride to freedom!

    • The first film was dubbed for its American release because they didn’t think American audiences would understand the Australian accent. And the first film tanked so hard (in the US) they had to rename the sequel to not score American audiences off.
      So the lesson from this: leave the Aussie accent intact. I may be making some massive leaps of logic, but it’s Friday afternoon.

      • I can see your point, in theory, but I’ve chatted to dozens of Americans online (with my Aussie accent) and not once has any of them had trouble understanding me… Worst case scenario, they’ll mistake it for an English accent, but they’d understand us just fine, I promise! If a Texan can understand what Kieth Urban says between songs at a gig, then we’re golden, surely?!

        • It’s all anecdotal evidence though, my mate married an American lady, and when he brought her over here she could understand us fine when we were talking to her, but when we were talking to each other or in groups she would just get lost, said we sometimes spoke to fast as well.

        • I wasn’t suggesting Americans can’t understand Aussie-English, but this was the late 70s and that was the reason distributors chose to dub the film for American release. International exposure to the Australian accent wasn’t anywhere near as prevailant back then, and they were also concerned about the slang going over people’s heads.

      • I saw the dubbed version in Malaysia last year so weird seeing a movie ive seen so many times with different accents.

      • Mad Max did not tank in the US, it was actually very profitable compared to what the studio paid for the licence. Nevertheless it was an obscure movie and when they did the second one, with much higher expectations, nobody in the US could be expected to even know the first one, hence a sequel-title was fairly counterproductive.

  • …I’m wishing Mel Gibson would put back his accent to voice Max. That movie was a classic and this veers into the generic post-apocalypse territory.

    • I don’t see that happening. Too expensive to hire him and he’s a bit of a fundamentalist nut these days.
      Easier to hire a voice actor to do voice matching.

      • Though he has admitted a major affection for the mad max property in years gone by. He once said that if not for his age, he would’ve loved to return to the property, however we now get Tom Hardy as Max next year in FURY ROAD (apparently hes not doing an aussie accent either :\ )

  • I find the representation of Australians in video games very underwhelming (and if there, poorly executed). Mad Max in a video game should be voiced by someone like Russell Crowe (yeah hes a kiwi but close enough !!! 😛 ) Or someone with a voice like that.

  • Part of me thinks its bad not having an australian do mad max and the other part of me still can’t get over how bad vanille was *shudders*

  • Oh man, so no australian accent and another military bad ass boring snore-more character. I’ll pick it up in a bargin bin or steam sale. …. maybe.

    • Considering the few times he spoke he sounded pretty American (“Woah!”. Wish they put in “Strewth!”), I’m not even sure we can claim that one

  • Yeah pretty lame but by the looks of it the game is pretty early on in development, all they have released to the public is that most likely pre-rendered movle above.
    So there’s still hope and remember Avalanche’s just cause here Rico Rodriguz(sp?) sopke in a latin/hisanic accent but I also remember the horrid asian accents from JC2 and maybe genric Americam voices arn’t that bad compared to some other games that try to do Aussie accents like Dead Island.

    • Dead Island’s accents were brain-meltingly bad. Except for the Aboriginal playable character (the firearms lady) who had stuff-all dialog, but sounded like the only genuine Aussie accent in the whole game.

        • Sinamoi was voiced by Steve Blum, better known for Wolverine in various forms over the last few years. So that’s all I could hear the whole time.

          • Steve Blum = Spike Spiegel for all eternity. No matter how many voice acting jobs he had done since then. (like Starscream in Transformers: Prime)

          • Ahhhh THATS why he sounded familiar! I could hear that slightly familiar wolvie voice in there lol

    • I always assumed that the bad Asian accents in Just Cause 2 (and bad accents in general) were a reference to the 90s action movies the game seemed to borrow from.

      Given the quality of the rest of the game, I find it hard to believe they couldn’t have got more believable accents if they wanted it.

      • This is funny, because the voice actress for Bolo Santiso is Singaporian, so the accent is actually authentic east-asian :). But everyone seems to believe it’s a poor attempt of faking it, because they’ve got so used to Hollywood accents.

  • It’s presumably somewhat based on Mad Max: Fury Road, the coming eventually new Mad Max movie, where Max is played by Tom Hardy probably doing a US accent.

        • Fury Road has already finished filming, it finished last year. They’ve already done most of their FX work. There was a story going round about how the crew got a little miffed with Tom Hardy when as a ‘gift’ to everyone when he finished his final day, he passed around signed photos lol.

          • The studio shutting down WILL impact it, there’s no doubt. The movie has finished filming and some fx work has been done. The movie has been pushed back til 2014, when originally it was mid 2013/late 2013, so I would say that was the delay. At this point it’s mid-end 2014.

            To be honest, with no details, no true pics of shooting and literally zero shots of Hardy as Max? For some reason I’m not getting my hopes up about it. Charlieze Theiron as ‘Imperator Furiosa’ and Tom Hardy as Max, well, I just think they could’ve cast so much better with actual Australian actors…

            Edit: Don’t get me wrong I love Hardy, just wish it had’ve stayed true to its roots I guess. But then again… Thunderdome :\

    • I thought they hired Tom Hardy because he’s British, so he may be able to do a better Australian accent. I guess not.

      • Get a current Aussie actor like Jai Courtney or something…. You know, so an american/British actor doesn’t have to look like a total c%&t fucking up our accent.

  • I knew this would happen the second I saw someone saying, ‘I hope they give Max an Aussie accent at least…’, over on IGN.

    Unless the game is developed here (another conversation entirely) there is no way there would be authentic accents in it. Thank God. Have you heard fake Australian Accents??!? It would be more frustrating, and more likely to cause me to completely disconnect from the game, if the main protagonist sounded like the product of some Australian/American/British/South African/Dutch lab experiment!

    So if there is going to be an American Max, just make an engaging and bloody good one!

  • to start with it could just be a temporary voice until later in development, but more importantly I’d hate to see them attempt a fake Australian accent and end up with something incredibly shit that not only sounds stupid to non-Australians but retarded to actual Australians.

    although yes, the IP is Australian, the entire game is set in Australia, and I expect almost every single character to have some form of Australian accent, it definitely wouldn’t hurt the IP considering quite a few games on the market now feature heavy accents on otherwise standard English.

        • Max is an Australian character too, can’t see why he would’nt be given an Aussie accent, yet, there you go… he’s American now. You can bet it’ll be a ‘post apocalyptic american setting’. I bet you.

          • again, it could be a more practical change, such as temporary vocals (maybe even ripped from other projects) or they just couldn’t find an accent that wasn’t gratingly bad.

            but actively changing the location to America is changing the fundamental plot of the movies, the whole point was that it was a post apocalyptic Australian society built on more brash Australian values. besides if they changed the location to America they’d basically be competing directly for plot content with fallout which is for all intents and purposes mad max in america.

          • Agreed. It’s not due out til 2014 at this point so hopefully it is just a temp track. A lot of people including Americans have questioned the common sense behind this, hopefully by the time it’s released it’s an aussie accent. Changing the location would be silly, absolutely. I would hope they managed to keep the absurd dialogue for the game as well. One such example is in the new promo material for Fury Road, where they describe books as ‘word burgers’. Personally, I love that little touch of absurdity 🙂 Hope the game keeps it.

  • Still, im of the opinion that id rather a non-australian accent, than an fake-arse australian one.
    Also, the average typical Australian accent is actually really annoying.
    “Oi yeah mate, howz it goin’? Yeah good ma’e. Fuckin oaf mate!”
    Can’t stand bogan culture. Which makes up at least 1 third of the population.

    • You’re pathetic. There are plenty of actors who could play the role exactly like the original, with a normal accent.

  • Fuck this shit. In not buying for this very reason. It’s called Mad Max not fucking Road Warrior. Revisionist American c#@ts.

  • Okaay, watched he embedded clip and the Max character didn’t say anything. To be honest, this is the way it should have gone:

    Dude on ground: ‘ kill me, kill me”
    Max: ” no wukkas dickhead”
    Max drives off, comes screaming back in the car and slide-stops right next to Dude, showering him in sand.

    Max gets out of the car, walks over, pulls a bowtorch out of his jacket…….squats over the Dudes face, let’s one rip and lights it with “Cop this, ya mongrel!”

    Max drives off.

  • The accent thing is terrible but am I the only one that thinks the Interceptor moves like a cartoon car in that clip? Nowhere near the weight of an XB

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