The Second Molyjam Promises To Blow E3 Out Of The Water

Peter Molyneux became infamous for promising things that were impossible to deliver. So infamous in fact that he spawned an impersonator on Twitter, Peter Molydeux, that made a career out of tweeting game ideas that were so hilariously outlandish they couldn’t possibly be real. Then things got even more meta. Molyjam, a 48-hour game jam dedicated to trying to create the games that Molydeux tweeted, was born. It was a huge success, to the point where the real Peter Molyneux attended! Now Molyjam is getting a sequel.

“They claim the upcoming E3 will be the best in years,” states the new trailer, released today. “They’re wrong.

“Disappointment is imminent. But stay strong, because another event is coming that will initiate true next gen gaming.”

Hyperbolic statements are all part of the Molyneux/Molydeux charm, but there is a certain genius in trying to take the blatantly insane ideas that Molydeux tweets and bring them into reality in such a short time period. Molyjam is just one of those ideas that is so insane that it just works. I can’t wait to see what Molyjam Deux brings.

Molyjam is set to take place on July 5 until July 7. No idea if there’s going to be a local Australian jam, but there’s no reason why not. Last year Andrew Brophy and Harry Lee helped organise a Molyjam in Melbourne so hopefully someone will step to the plate this year.

Find out more about Molyjam here

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