This Killer Metro: Last Light 'Trailer' Is More Like A Short Film

Video game trailers can be crass, they can be dumb, and they can be misleading. They can also be pretty damned cool. This trailer for Metro: Last Light is pretty damned cool.

It's called "The Mobious", and it takes a long, freeze-frame tour through a bunch of the sorts of scenes you'll see throughout the game's dank, sub-Moscow tunnels.

You might be thinking it's peculiar for a trailer this involved and artful to come out well after a game is released, and you'd be right! Developer 4A explains how it came to be:

The Mobius was created by Alexander Bereznyak, aka Monakh, who was originally employed by 4A as a capture artist. Soon it turned out that his talent was needed in the production team and he took over the role as lead technical artist. But over a couple of months, he continued to work alone on this trailer, that is now made public.

Nice. Cool trailer, Mr Bereznyak!


    Metro Last Night had an awesome launch trailer as well:

    the song reminds me alot of 28 days later :O

    Great now I want to play Last Light again. I did anyway to be honest but now I REALLY want to play it again

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