This Tank Can Barrel Roll And Other Popular GIFs From This Week

Whether it's StarCraft II, Grand Theft Auto IV, or Battlefield 3, seems like the possibilities for something unexpected and funny to happen in games are unlimited. And one of the best ways to share that moment is through an animated GIF.

Just like we did last week, it's time to sort and collect some of the funniest animated GIFs that we found.

You don't want to dig too deep in Minecraft.

During the StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Finals, Ukranian zerg player Dimaga showed how to act properly during the introductions.

Out of my way! My people need me!

Who said headbutt drops with a chair are impossible?

Week by week, Attack on Titan and all related gets more and more horrifying.

Thank you HelixSnake, showing us the magic carpet glitch in Skate 3.


    Just to be "that guy", that's not a barrel roll.

      lol,I came for the same thing, not a barrel roll...

        Damn it, I didn't see the post time of the article and came for the same thing...

      Exactly! More like an endo (bicycle)/ stoppie (motorbike) into a front flip.

      but it makes sense as to why Peppy just keeps yelling "DO A BARREL ROLL!"

    Just to be 'that other guy' I don't 'get' this whole 'attack on titan' thing? wtf is it? Why is it funny?

      less funny more really horrifying maybe? I don't really get the show, I watched the first two episodes and wasn't really grabbed...

    I like this article. If he can keep it relevant each week it will be good.

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