Tyrion Lannister Is In Bungie’s Destiny

Tyrion Lannister Is In Bungie’s Destiny

Ghost – a character described as your “interactive partner”, your “wingman” – will be one of the most important voices you hear while playing Bungie’s Destiny. Good thing they got someone popular to do it then.

The AI will be voiced by Peter Dinklage, aka Tyrion Lannister, as you can see confirmed in the video below.

Thanks Woody!


  • Hah! Thought I recognised his voice from the gameplay. “I think I’ve overdone it!”

    Awesome 😀

  • Well, after that gameplay video its not like there was anything else to push me to buy Destiny… but well.. this? This is just diamonds on the icing on the melted chocolate on the cake.

  • I wasn’t even considering picking up this game, but now? I’m not sure. This is seriously the only selling point for me, and it’s actually nearly enough for me to buy it.

    • I’d be sold beyond doubt if it were on PC. On consoles, using a game-pad? For a shooter?
      I’m not sold, but I’m more interested in making that horrific compromise than before.

      • Yes there are actually console players that play shooters, with a game pad. We do exist, and have no trouble doing so 😛

        • Yes, and people who rode horses thought they were fast, until cars were invented.
          In this analogy, gamepads are horses and keyboard+mouse are cars, see!

          You don’t THINK you have trouble because it’s all you’ve known. It is trouble compared to the beautiful, near-mystical precision of KB&M.

          • Who said anything about it being the only thing we know. I have 20, 30 games on Steam and hit up the occasional bit of guild wars 2 and such. But still the PS3-4 will be my primary gaming choice. It feels more accurate, more social and I simply enjoy it more. It would be less like comparing horse and car and more like european sports cars vs American muscle. Sure a lambo goes faster then a mustang, but there’s a certain charm in the mustang that some people prefer. See, consoles are the mustangs, PCs are the lambos 🙂

          • Hey no fair, I LIKE mustangs! Dammit.
            Alright, but the lambo is red. NOWAIT BLACK. But red wunz go faster… Now look what you’ve done.

            The difference is way too huge though. There’s a reason PC and console aren’t allowed to play together: the newbiest-n00b KB&M users utterly destroy professional gamepad-users in shooters. To step backward from that kind of AWESOMO-POWAH is very jarring for a PC stalwart! It’s not sports car to muscle car, it’s sports car to vespa at least.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if the competitive aspects they’ve mentioned are part of the reason they’re reluctant to say anything about PC. Confirmation OR denial. It’s a big market, an important market, but it also poses some very sticky problems. I’ll be very sad if they decide not to overcome them.

          • There are a couple of cross platform ganes out, counter strike global offensive springs to mind. But yeah, I am not to worried about how powerful my device is or isn’t but I’d much rather be playing alongside a bunch of mates. Not sitting at a desk talking to them over Skype 😛

  • Haha! When Joe says “hang tight, I will get out my ghost, it sounds really awkward and forced”

  • I’m kinda surprised its not Nathan Fillion given bungies obsession with him and all things Firefly

  • Love the premise, love the delivery… hate the restriction to consoles.

    Bring it to PC and you have my money – only way you’ll even TEMPT me to get it on console would be if you included the console in the cost of the game – and a PS4 at that.

    My current home PC demolishes the performances stats on both of the “next-gen” consoles – I’m not paying $4-500 AUD to go backwards in performance.

    • Its $550AUD.. not really that much money for 10 years of gaming. PC fan or not.

      • No, it’s $550 + $100 for the game. $650 to play one game. And I say that because it is the only thing PS4 has that PC doesn’t that I find remotely intriguing.

        And 10 years of gaming is an extremely optimistic claim considering the continued exponential climb of technological advancement.

        I’m perfectly happy sticking to my PC. Plenty of other games I can play that I enjoy, and the market is flooded with MMOs at the moment. My PC already outstrips the performance of both consoles by miles, no interest in spending money to downgrade to a platform I might play once in a blue moon for 1/2 games.

        With titles like ESO and SC ‘just around the corner’, not to mention the recently announced 40k MMO, all coming to PC (And SC at least PC exclusive), going to have to do a lot better to convince me into getting a console =).

        • PS1, PS2 and PS3 have all been supported for 10 years. (The PS3 said to be supported beyond PS4 and into 2015). But yeah I guess everyone values their funds differently, I have a $2000 gaming laptop with 10-15 games on it (although a few years old), a PS2 with 20 odd games, a PS3 with 40-50 games and a PS4 preordered. Have never looked back 🙂 The Last of Us alone makes it worthwhile.

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