Watch Dracula Brood And Kick Ass In This Lords Of Shadow 2 Trailer

Here's the trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The game picks up from the epilogue in Lords of Shadow, only with a darker story in a modern day setting. The main character is Dracula, and despite the setting, you'll still be able to see his castle. The game will have a demo at E3.


    I liked the first game, I don't care what anybody else thinks.

    The narrator is totally Sir Patrick Stewart.

    I dropped the coins I was counting when I heard his voice.

    First Lords of Shadow game was great, will definitely pick this up.

    Oh sweet, an now I am remembering how epic the first one was, dragon fight. Did anyone play the DLC where he actually was turned to a vampire?

    That Nietzche quote is SO overused...

    Looking forward to the game though.

    time for Lords of Shadow 1 replay!

    The developers say the game will be 'darker, even cruel'. So in the first game, you spend most of it alone, get betrayed by your friend, get mind controlled into killing your own wife (which you blame yourself for), kill your OTHER friend because 'it will save people or something' (she says), become the undead, kill a nice and helpful God for no obvious reason (and don't want to- HE forces you to), and that's just off the top of my head. WHAT THE H3LL IS DARKER COMPARED TO THIS?? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY COUNT AS CRUEL *COMPARED* TO THIS?? I liked the first game a lot, but hated the pointless suffering and cruelty. Colour me suspicious.

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