A New Bundle Of DLC is Coming To Halo 4 In Aug

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A new bundle of DLC — the Champions Bundle — is coming to Halo 4 on Aug. 20, 343 said today at the Rooster Teeth Expo. It’s cost 800 Microsoft Points, and will introduce a new armour pack, a skin pack, and a new game type called Ricochet.


  • I’m sure at least half of the 30,000 players still playing might be interested. You know, before they remove this DLC playlist and makes it almost impossible to find a game on these new maps.

  • It’s pretty, but I am Jack’s lack of interest. Story packs, though? I’d be all over that. I guess I’m just greedy, we DID get Spartan Ops. Even if the cutscenes were better than the in-game story development.

  • Started my campaign replay last night, after finishing Silentium recently.
    Wow, that intro to the Didact actually makes sense now. I’m not sure how much of that I actually understood the first time through, especially as his voice is pretty low and hard to hear at times (that’ll teach me not to use subtitles), but all I remember of it from last time is “This tomb is now yours”. I still wonder at his telekinesis, but that intro actually sets up his entire mindset for the rest of the game. I’m amazed they relied on the books so much to get that motivation across… Hella risky, imo.

      • Especially especially after 343i said players shouldn’t need to read a book or something to get the story.

      • Precisely my point. 343i encouraged people to read the books to get a better idea of the plot, but failed to ensure that the entire trilogy was released before the game. I’d read the first two books, and was completely lost when I first played it.
        Especially as I thought the Didact was dead, and this was his replacement we met in the game, who we knew had rather pronounced pro-human sympathies. I spent the entire time wondering why the IsoDidact had completely flipped his lid.

        • So many decisions, ignoring the multiplayer choices, that seem completely bizarre… and leave such odd plot holes.

          Why put the terminals outside of the game?
          Why have Jul M’Dama as the bad guy, but have no background in the game?
          Why have no reference to the other Spartans throughout the game, but mention them in the books?
          What happened to the ODSTs, are they all now Spartan 4s?
          How does Cptn Del Rio lose his ship for giving a legitimate order to an NCO (and how is an NCO not in trouble for disobeying a direct order), and why is Wesley Crusher the next inline in the entire fleet?
          Why only use the monk theme only once?
          The librarians speech about everything being pre-ordained completely invalidates all the other games.
          How does a scientist at a research base know who John 117 is, purely by his rank alone… that’s not how rank works, there cannot be only one Master Chief Petty Officer in the entire UNSC. And even if there is, they’re not going to wait for him to be dead for over 4 years before promoting someone else…
          Then there’s the way the whole ‘love’ thing between John & Cortana was forced in, and appeared out of nowhere. He couldn’t want to save her because they’ve been friends for 7 years?

          I like the game, and I like the fiction… but damned if some of this stuff didn’t bug me.

          • Man, I think I’d better find those Spartan Ops cinematics on Youtube… I tried to get through them but the missions (the first few, at least) were just so boring… Maybe if they allowed non-gold members the ability to play them solo, I would’ve eventually gone through them…

          • That’s kind of you, but no thanks. 🙂 Besides, I’d likely take more than two weeks to get through them all, anyway, if I did them myself.

          • I played through them solo.

            You just mentioned that silver members weren’t able to…
            Either way, the offer still stands if you want it.

          • @banderdash
            I meant that I’d have probably gone through them over the course of the last six months. I started playing them solo with the 14 day trial I got with Halo 4. Finished the first episode and started on the second, but disliked the disjointed missions, the map reuse, the gratuitous enemy count, the infinite respawns that were meant to make the lack of balancing/scaling okay… Really had to fight the urge to just do something else. And, frankly, another 14 day trial isn’t going to change that.
            I get the feeling that every now and then I’d have wandered back, done an episode, stopped for a few weeks, then wandered back, etc. But I wasn’t enjoying the missions, and the lore was too few and far between.
            But thanks, anyway.

  • So, looks like The Pit is making a return. Cool – really enjoyed that stage in Halo 3.

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