Go To Google, Play This Awesome Little Flash Game About An Alien

Google does this every now and then. It just adds something weird to its homepage for some random reason: a sort of this day in history sort of situation. Today is 66th anniversary of the reported Roswell landing. To 'celebrate' Google has put together a really awesome little flash game on its homepage. You have to get on it!

It's actually super good! It's like a little mini 2D point and click jobbie, and I'm really enjoying it. I have no idea how long it lasts (I'm in the process of playing now, but it's a great little diversion. I'm keeping this tab open all day and I'm going to knock it over throughout the morning.


    Not long, only takes a couple of minutes, but pretty neat for a Google banner!

    Aw, I thought it was going to be the game where you run around collecting the user data and delivering it to the US government.

      Think of the items as user data, and the space ship as a... no, I just can't do this metaphor.

    Oh yeah, I hate to be THAT guy, but the game is in HTML5, not flash :)

      Who invited THAT guy? Seriously, THOSE guys these days. Gosh.

        I know right? THOSE guys are douches.

          Coming from one of THEM. Bit hypocritical. Forever one of THOSE guys.

      Huzzah! The future is here!
      (it'd be JavaScript, really)

    Well I feel retarded .........I cant get out of the hole where the petrol is. :(

      I was the same. Use the petrol on the plant, and it makes it grow

        I'm pretty sure it's actually a watering can filled with water, not petrol :P

          I thought it was radioactive or nuclear fuel

            same, I'd like to think it turns stuff into mutants :)
            SPOILER: I tried the can on a horse :3

      wait there is a hole on the ground? Mine just has a cow, a horse and a chicken O_o

      use the can you get on the tree to get out

    i have spent a day playing this..WHERES THE LAST PIECE?!

    Try "watering" the chicken and the horse. I love it when you get to make things bigger when aliens interact. Used to be a game where you could shoot farm animals with a "biggie ray" and make them huge. Kinda like that but with a twist.

    im stuck at the point with the sleeping person?? any idea what to do?

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