Missed PAX? You Can Still Catch The Protomen And MC Frontalot

The Protomen act is described as a Megaman-themed Rock Opera, using a wide range of music styles to tell a story about heroism, as well as doing their own versions of older rock songs. Alongside MC Frontalot from the Nerdcore scene, they made up the musical offerings of PAX Aus. But if you missed them, and you live in Melbourne or Sydney, there are a few side shows you can catch.

MC Frontalot will also be joined by Sturgenius and DJ CPU, making this a good chance to see a theatrical combination of gaming-inspired rock and rap. Both acts are deserving of bigger venues, but there's not much you can do about the scene being smaller here than across the pond... Except more tours! Dates are as follows:

23rd – Melbourne, AU - Evelyn Hotel (Act I) *+18* 24th – Melbourne, AU - Evelyn Hotel (Act II) *+18* 27th – Sydney, AU – The Standard *+18* 28th – Sydney, AU - Annandale Hotel *+18*


    A friend of mine posted "Light up the Night" by them on FB, Have been Smashing it ever since...SO GOOD

    I can't stress enough how good The Protomen were live. If you like Megaman or Queen in any way, you need go to either or both of these shows.

    I highly suggest seeing The Protomen. I saw them Saturday night and they were awesome.

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