Pokémon Modded To Skyrim For Some Reason

Just because you can do something, that doesn't necessarily mean you should. That didn't stop Steam user DJSuperGenius from adding Pocket Monsters to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The mod's description might explain better. No, wait, strike that. Nothing can explain this.

Pokémon? In Skyrim? Yes, you read that correctly.

You now can Battle Pokemon, Fight Team Rocket, and tame legendary beasts!

...Travel to your house outside whiterun, say hi to mum, grab your gear and favourite Pokémon Pikachu, and set off to fight the world!

...Catching a Pokémon is simple. Here are the Steps:

1.Find a Pokémon.

2.Kill it.

3.Loot it for the Pokébook for it [SIC].

4.And now you can choose it to fight for you.

Thats it! [SIC]

And the result appears to be things like this:

There are a handful of Pocket Monsters in the mod, with more slated to come.

The mod is available through Steam, but according to community members, it's still rather rough, with some players saying the mod won't load for them. The mod, however, is being worked on, so hopefully those issues can be ironed out.

This mod looks so bad, it's good.

Pokemon in Skyrim [Steam]


    Oh Jesus, it's terrifying!

    I didn't realise slapping a bunch of god awful textures on skyrim objects constitute a mod

    Last edited 16/07/13 9:20 am

    Bad mod sure.. but would be kinda cool to have a First-Person Pokemon game with the same production values as Skyrim..

    A proper version would require new models and animations, really. (Maybe not quite so much work if you were to go with the style of the guy who did the 'realistic pokemon' series. Just google image search that, it's interesting/cool.) And some sort of capture system that didn't involve slaughtering the animal, perhaps.

    Going the cartoony route? They've been able to do Mario in Skyrim, so Pokemon wouldn't be too much of a stretch if you cared enough.

    I'm going to have nightmares after seeing this. Anyone got bleach for my eyes?

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