Tarantula Versus Scorpion. Bets On Who Wins?

With Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it's all in the little details. You can blow a dandelion, for example... or, you can watch a tarantula and a scorpion duke it out.

Amazingly, when you donate both a tarantula and a scorpion to your museum, this happens. Who wins? Since this is Animal Crossing, it's a tie. Maybe you don't find that surprising, but I kind of do, since both these creatures can mess you up in-game if you're not careful.

Still, it's cool to see how stuff acts in the museum. As I understand it, if you donate a piranha, it'll chase you and try to eat you. Of course!

And if you're curious... this is a real life tarantula versus scorpion. The tarantula totally wins.


    Well if you played Deadly Creatures, you'd know!

    (except I forget.... think it was a tie though >_>)

    I don't get why this is making the rounds over the net when they've been fighting since the Wild World days.

    Tarantula is inferior!


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