The Final Pacific Rim Trailer Has More Giant Tanker Baseball Bats

I've already decided that Pacific Rim is looking like the best dumb movie of the year and I cannot wait to see more footage of a giant robot using a tanker as a baseball bat to fight what looks like a giant sea monster from another dimension. This final trailer for Pacific Rim just reinforces the insane bluster that this movie looks set to provide.

I'm still not sure about the whole 'being emotionally connected' to your co-pilot thing and synthesizing with robots and such like, but I'm sure I can forgive it if it delivers on the robots punching monsters thing.


    I think if anyone can pull off the "emotionally connected pilot" stuff it's Guillermo del Toro.

      Emotionally connected pilots?
      Evangelion rip or what?

        homage is probably the word they'd use, but yeah. Also, looks like the suits fill up with 'totally not the same as LCL' as well.

        The tagline is "To fight monsters we created monsters"
        I'm pretty sure one of the early trailers has a battle in the ocean on top of aircraft carriers.
        In the trailer above I thought I caught a glimpse of a giant progressive knife.
        Is that LCL in their pilot suits?

        ...I'm working on the theory that this is a Hollywood take on a live-action Evangelion movie, being different enough so as not to get fans riled up.

      If there's a vaguely human creature under all that armour I'm going to lose my shit.

      All good points in regards to 'homage'

    I think I'll wait until after it has been released and someone puts an edit up on you tube with the following bits removed:
    1) Angst-ridden hero questioning whether he is up for the job, in a bar, in a locker room, sitting on edge of bed
    2) Protagonist of Hero coming to grudgingly respect him and be his best friend after they 'get off on wrong foot'
    3) Numerous scenes of hero and 'co-pilot' gradually drawing closer together and falling in love - except they can't fall in love because their first priority is saving the human race.
    4) Grizzled leader making utterly craptastic over-blown patriotic speech to 'rally the troops'

    In other words, give me the version with just the giant robots fighting giant monsters with plenty of 'wub wub'

    Seriously. This looks like possibly the stupidest movie ever made. I saw one of the first trailers and couldn't believe it when Guillermo Del Toro's name came up. It'll be interesting to see if it's actually any good.

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      Early word is pretty fricken positive, and apparently it's a lot less cynical/by-the-numbers as you'd think.

        I so hope so! I was getting the vibe this was going to be, if not kinda crap, a bit of a disappointment (pretty much the feeling I came away from World War Z) given the expectations I have for seeing a giant mecha film. It looks awesome though, so hopefully that vibe is WAY off the mark!

          Guillermo Del Toro and disappointment do not go together.

      I do not know what this Protagonist of Hero is, but it sounds like an amazing Engrish movie title.

      Del Toro has acknowledged anime and manga as being influential during development, so hopefully we'll get some over the top action without it being excessively shallow.

      Cheesiness is fine.

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    Why do they need 2 pilots in the one robot again?

      It's too mentally taxing for one person to pilot something that big, or some other movie-science like that.

      I believe it's so they can have a bit where one guy loses his robot-piloting-partner, leading to a bit of grief, probably going off the rails for a while, drinking a lot etc before resolving that he can, in fact, go on with a new partner.

      Think Maverick / Goose, but in a giant robot instead of an F-14.

        Just to expand on that, I suspect there will probably be a big battle near the end where the other robots are getting their arses kicked. But then this guy who lost his partner will come riding in and turn the tide. He'll probably be co-piloting with that black guy from the trailer. I suspect they've had a falling out in the past and are constantly butting heads against each other, but then when he needs a co-pilot to replace his fallen friend then necessity will force them to team up and their underlying respect for each other will override their personal differences.

        They may or may not buzz the tower afterwards.

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