This Mum Has 60 Seconds To Hug Her Child, But She's Trapped In A Mech

Where Is The Button For Love? gives you a very simple goal: hug your daughter. The only problem is that while you were working on your mech, the retro-turboencabulator malfunctioned, and now you're trapped inside.

This MechaMom adventure was an an entry to this year's Molyjam, the game jam originally based on the tweets of @PeterMolydeux. Watch the video above to see my perfect hug and learn the story of MechaMom, then go play the game yourself on the game's Molyjam page.


    No disrespect to the creators, but I thought that game was awesome for about 5 seconds, and then pure crap.

      Yep, but then the theme song at the end happened and it went back to being awesome.

    It would've been more interesting (but much easier) if the buttons weren't quite as random, instead it was just annoying to me

    So, just like Evangelion?

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