Ultimate Warrior Is Rushing Into WWE 14

The WWE Games Twitter confirms that the next iteration of the WWE franchise will feature The Ultimate Warrior. But will we get the classic Ultimate Warrior, or the modern, slightly crazy ranting Warrior?

This was hardly a secret — the August issue of WWE magazine apparently included details of The Warrior (that's his legal name, no, really) as a pre-order bonus with the game. But when the official Twitter account for the WWE Games starts tweeting out pictures of The Warrior's eye, it becomes pretty obvious.

It's not quite a homecoming for the man from Parts Unknown, as he appeared in highly stylised form in WWE All-Stars, and before that, in the totally awful Showdown: Legends Of Wrestling. Because money talks.

Undoubtedly it'll still be a highly stylised Warrior rather than the genuinely oddball right-wing commentator that he's become. Again, I'm not making that up. Although it does now strike me that it'd be quite cool for WWE 14 to feature Warrior '14, complete with nonsensical English-mangling rants as his entrance theme. Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen.

WWE Games Twitter [Twitter]


    I thought both versions of the Ultimate Warrior were "slightly crazy ranting Warrior"?

      One grunts and snorts and rants.

      The other rants and comes up with terms like "Destrucity".

        *SNORT* HULK HO-GAN!

          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huvUAoAZeuk - i'm just gonna leave this here...

    I found the reveal trailer for WWE 2K14 to be a bit of a let down. Like, I mean it doesn't make me want to rush to my local retailer and slap down dosh for a pre-order.

      Try slamming down your dosh instead and see if that does anything for you, this is wrasslin'!

        I could layeth the smackethdown of dosh on the candy-ass pre-order?

    I find it surprising that The Ultimate Warrior was going to be in a WWE game at all (even in WWE All Stars) given Warrior's not wanting any association with WWE...

    In the words of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBase "Everybody has a price!"

    Even if your not a fan of wrestling the documentary Self destruction of the Ultimate Warrior is worth a watch just to see how crazy this guy is.

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