Use Time Travel To Get A First Date Right

Use Time Travel To Get A First Date Right

If you could travel through time and undo a botched first date, would you? That’s the question at the heart of Back to the First Date, one of many goofy games to come out of last weekend’s Molyjam game-jam.

The game is based on the Peter Molyneux quote, “I wish I had some time machine and could go back two weeks. You live by your mistakes, for sure.” It was made by Colin Bayer, Tiff Chow, Jolie Menzel, K Gadd, Clifford Warren, Jenn Sandercock and Jung-Ha Kim at the San Francisco Molyjam location. You can play the game for free online, and find more info here.

I sure had a good time playing it, though I don’t know if disagreements over Hot Tub Time Machine lore could really ruin a date for me.

You can find a full list of Molyjam games here; I’m going to be going through these for more or less ever.


  • A first date implies that there were more to come even if I botched them. Which probably implies in turn that I subsequently ended up dating these people. All of which would therefore now be exes. Unless I’m a polygamist or a prick that dates multiple girls at the same time.

    Which I’m not, rest assured.

    Therefore, yes, I’d go back to make sure none of those subsequent dates happened because I’ll assume they’re exes for a reason and most likely broke my heart eventually.

    Flawless logic!

    • Ah, but what if she went back in time and purposefully sabotaged all your other dates because she wanted you to be alone forever!?

      • Ah! Interesting thought. I’d still go back to sabotage myself and never meet her, therefore she’d never know me so she’d never have to go back to sabotage me. Oh this is getting convoluted now.

    • The butterfly effect however says that by making one simple change, even just stepping out of your time machine, you’ve thus changed the path of history and something could happen to change fate, change the course of your relationships and turn one bad one into a good one somehow… who knows…


      • change the course of your relationships and turn one bad one into a good one

        I’d have to go back about 10,000 times to fix things. Not very practical. 😛

        • There’s only one I’d go back and change. Just one. But there’s no way in hell that relationship can ever be fixed, not after what I did. 🙁

          • I only ever cheated on one person in my life, years ago, and that person was a wonderful person. It was when I was a *very* different person. I’ve changed who I was since, but there’s always gonna be that bit of shame in my life to remind me, that no matter how good people are, we’re all capable of being assholes.

          • It happens dude. The best we can do is to learn from our mistakes. I’ve never cheated (or even came close) in my life, but I know I’d feel pretty crap if I did.

          • I don’t dwell on it now, but I do use it as a reminder that I never want to go back to being that person ever.

  • I don’t need to go back and change a first date, but I do have things I’d go back and change.

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