Watch Us Play… DARK, And See Vampire Sam Fisher Kill Everyone


Well, to be honest, a vampiric Sam Fisher would be far better at killing everyone than Eric Bane. At the very least, he’d make it fun. I suppose it’s hard being a vampire though, I shouldn’t judge.

DARK is out now on Xbox 360 ($50) and PC ($40). But so are other stealth games. Just a thought.


  • Ergh. When you move, you’re ‘skating’ on the ground, there’s no real ‘weight’ to the character. I’m all for celshaded graphics but those are *dire*. Lipsyncing is some of the worst I’ve seen in the last ten years and it just looks like a bottom of the barrel title. Absolutely pass on this.

  • This is such a lawsuit waiting to happen, a bunch of those powers are named exactly like Vampire: the Masquerade & V:tRequiem powers by White Wolf/CCP.

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