Well, Someone Had To Combine Minecraft And DayZ Eventually

Give people long enough in the shadow of great, inspirational games, and they won't just look to emulate one, they'll look to emulate a bunch of them in the one title.

7DTD (7 Days To Die) is an indie project that, well, as you can see from the clip above, it blends the survival elements (and zombies) of DayZ and the blocks/crafting of Minecraft so blatantly it makes you wonder why nobody else has already tried it.

Planned for Windows, Mac and Linux, the developers are asking for $US200,000 to finish the game.

7 Days to Die - Zombie Survival Game [Kickstarter]


    They did ages ago and it's called a mod called Mine Z.

      MineZ didn't look anywhere near as amazing as this does :D

        Will give you that! Don't mean to sound like I'm crapping on this game, looks great.
        Just saying the Day Z/Minecraft combo has been done.

          Ahhh, but not as an actual game...

    That looks awesome. Will be definitely supporting this.

    Looks intriguing. I always like the idea of having 'siege' style mode in MC where you had to defend an area/building/etc with traps and weapons against an onslaught, this feel pretty close to that.

    looks like a worse version of Rust. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-5Z31RmjB8 - Uberhaxornova video.

    I'm really over shitty lame graphics games. I don't know why people put up with them.
    The concept is great but i can't and won't tolerate shitty graphics in this day and age.

      Oh really? Could I see a list of games you have released lately?

      Be grateful small developers are putting in the effort.

      I agree with Veddermandan I can't stand shitty lame gameplay in a AAA titles that focus on graphics.
      Yes, please throw a huge budget into graphics and even console optimization for your games, but please make them gameplay oriented and not just interactive movies.

      I love the concepts and ideas that are invoked in some AAA titles that are coming out but hate that I never get to fully experience them because of the next big visual effect is designed to take your focus away from something you're enjoying to make way for something that they can put on a promo video.

      Surely in this day and age you can come up with new concepts either in gameplay experience or story.

    if STALKER, minecraft, and plants VS zombies had an orgy - would this be the result?

    I want.....

    rust and now this... looks like people got sick of waiting for standalone

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