While You Were Sleeping

What? It's morning again? Who arranged for that? While I sort out who to blame and bludgeon, and where my coffee has gone, you can check out what went down overnight.


EVO 2013 concluded, but not without a bit of bad feeling towards a certain console manufacturer — or at least those who choose to make accessories for it. I don't quite get booing a console that isn't even out yet, but then there's lots of things I don't get.

Everyone knows that Charles Martinet is Mario, right? Everyone, it seems, except Sebastian Vettel, although I'm willing to bet that a race between Vettel and Martinet might be just a tad one-sided.

Finally, as a public safety warning, it's worth pointing out that getting a tattoo of shoulder armour does not give you actual armour. But it does look pretty damned nifty.

In Short

Man Impersonates Chinese Police To Retrieve Game Account Fine Art: Sub-Zero... Wins... But So Does Superman... And Wonder Woman... Zelda, Metroid And Dizzy Combine To Form... Spud's Quest! Final Fantasy Composer Somehow Helping Out On Beautiful iPad Adventure


    I approve of this new 'while you were sleeping' image.

    Much better than that mutated fish baby thing.

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