Another View Of The Weird Mystery Of Destiny

The thing that intrigues me about Destiny is the mystery, and the world building. Bungie is good at that. They did a brilliant job of it with Halo and it's no coincidence that the world grew less interesting the more we learned about it. So when I look at these screenshots of Destiny part of me want to know: what are those strange towers in the distance? But another part understands that not knowing is part of the fun.

But most of all the universe of Destiny looks like a place I want to visit and explore. The world just seems... alien and strange, but familiar. It bears all the hallmarks of great world building: detail, scale, weirdness. I feel like I already know how Destiny will feel to play with a controller in my hand, but I have no idea what I will see or learn while playing. I think that's the allure of a game like this. I want to be in this world and move around in it. These screenshots reflect that


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    I agree with the fact that not knowing is part of the fun and world's are more interesting with a level of mystery... however I feel that a you learn more about a world, the excitement of exploration should be replaced with a feeling of attachment and "homeliness"...

    I feel (probably due to the fact it is, in the end, a shooter) Halo failed at this. I felt no attachment to the world outside of the action despite Reading the lore through novels and miniseries etc.

    Hopefully a persistent world in destiny can solve this

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