"Apocalypse" Is The Final DLC Pack For Black Ops II

"Apocalypse" is the final DLC pack for Black Ops II, dropping on August 27th for XBL (other platforms to follow). Four new maps and new Zombies content, which takes players to a Dieselpunk version of WW1 France...and you play as the heroes from the first Zombies map, exploring the origins (and end?) of the Zombie saga.


    On my bornday? Aww >:

    Oh well, haven't bought CoD DLC since WoW.

    well, at least you can't say they don't continue to support their games, not that I've bought one in years

      They dont support the game in any way, they just release more ways to nickle and dime people.
      the balance isssues in BO2 are crazy bad, Lag compensation causes people with good connections to suffer a full half second delay, it's lead to people throttling their own connections on purpose get an advantage.

        oh well, I guess my decision not to buy a COD since COD 2 is largely justified. Give me TF2 for online FPS

          It's not like you've missed much. Gone are the days of getting dlcs or expansions for the series along the lines of United Offensive for the original CoD

    Yay, more random levels with almost no connection to the theme of the game. The CoD dlc always had that overwhelming stink of money making that outweighed any fun or novelty.

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