Building A Space Colony Looks More Fun Than Blowing One Up

I wrote about indie space colony building sim thing Maia last year, but in the months since it's come along so nicely it's worth a second look today.

This latest clip, from the latest build of the game, lets creator Simon Roth go into great detail about how the whole thing works. Don't worry. It's not a developer diary like "here, let me sell you something", it's just the guy who made the game, explaining how said game functions.

If you're interested, preorders are available on the game's site, and those throwing down money early get access to alpha builds of the game.

Maia Alpha Showcase 0.32 [YouTube, via RPS]


    Oh.. 'this' game.. the one I almost backed on KS.. I can't remember why I didn't...

    Anyway.. it looks ok for an early Alpha...

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