Dirty Bomb Gets A Publisher And A New Name

Dirty Bomb Gets A Publisher And A New Name

Dirty Bomb, the free-to-play shooter coming soon from the makers of Brink, has changed its name to Extraction and while one might think the swap was done for reasons of taste or not attracting government surveillance, the real reason is more quotidian, says the studio.

Extraction was Dirty Bomb‘s original name,” developer Splash Damage wrote on its official blog. “The reason we didn’t stick with it for the closed alpha was that we weren’t sure if we could secure the worldwide trademark for it.”

Now that it’s partnering with Nexon, one of the largest publishers of free-to-play games, the studio is confident they can get the Extraction trademark, so back it goes to that name, they say.

In the same post, Splash Damage vows “Extraction will not be pay-to-win” and the studio retains complete creative control in its deal with Nexon. “You need to always be able to understand why you won or lost, with a welcoming community helping you improve your game and become a better player,” they say. “That’s what Extraction is for us, and Nexon is backing this vision all the way.”

For those of you headed to PAX, the game will be playable at the expo.

Extraction to be playable at PAX this week! [Splash Damage, via Eurogamer]


  • ‘Quotidian’? Congratulations and thankyou. I had to look that up and the world is a better place for it. (Or it will be, once I start using it at every available opportunity in a dickish attempt to better my peers. MWUAHAHAHA! OK, maybe not.)

  • When brink was first teased, I thought it was going to be the best game ever as it had parkour elements and all sorts of customization and what not. But in reality the game was the most horrible FPS game I have ever played, and now that company is making a f2p game with the WORST online F2P publisher in the world. Obviously this game screams PLAY ME I’M GREAT.

    P.S. : The sarcasm level is too extreme.

    • I too held great expectations for Brink. They make great art, but boy do their game mechanics need great improvement.

  • Brink was a fantastic game marred by a few really big problems. I loved Brink. I wish it had been supported better… It really could have taken off.

    • My problem with Brink was that it was basically just a multiplayer lobby shooter with bots. Maybe I was watching the wrong dev diaries or trailers, but I was expecting a much more fleshed out single-player experience and was hugely let down.

      People complaining about the game mechanics baffle me though. The running and shooting was hefty and solid and felt amazing. After playing a few matches of Brink, I’d find myself absolutely frustrated in any other shooter that didn’t let me run and effortlessly vault over or slide into cover.

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