Hideo Kojima Is Almost 50, So 4Chan Sent Him A Present. A *Nice* Present.

Hideo Kojima must be sipping on that fountain of youth alongside Keanu Reeves and Pharrell Williams because, christ on a bike, he turns 50 this week. 50. How is this possible. He hasn't aged a day since the first Metal Gear Solid came out. I call Nano Machines. Clearly.

I reckon Kojima is about two steps removed from becoming a cyber ninja with a samurai sword and a pair of nifty high heels.

Anyway, the point of the story is this: Hideo Kojima is about to turn 50 and, to celebrate, the good people at 4Chan made him a present: a massive patchwork quilt of memes, drawings and happy birthday greetings. It's pretty amazing.

You can see the image above for scale, but click here for more detail. I know the internet talks a lot of crap about you 4Chan, but you're alright by me!


    "Nice people on 4chan"

    Never thought I'd see that anywhere. Good on 'em though.

    Pretty obviously cloning his DNA. Kojima is Big Boss

    Title cracks me up. Second time in as many days a title has read my mind halfway through me reading it.

    You'll recall /v/ did something similar for Gabe earlier.

    It's ironic as they're probably the most vitriolic board out of all of them.

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