Holy Pants, This Massive Space Sim Is Looking Good

It looks as though X Rebirth, the impressive space-sim that grabbed a lot of attention a couple years ago, is finally ready to go.

As the new demonstration video below shows, this game is… well, it's incredibly, almost ridiculously ambitious.

Look at it. Just look at it!

Here's a second video from Egosoft about the game's controls:

X Rebirth will be out in the US in November.


    How is he using the xbox controller with the mac?

      Because he's running the game in Windows, as it very clearly states in the video.

    Egosoft certainly know what they're doing - expect this to be awesome.

    Holy zombie Jesus... This looks amazeballs..
    All I could think of was: "How awesome would this be on the Oculus Rift"

      And its something they are definatelly looking at doing post launch. Oh its great time to be Space Sim fan

    ugh, now I REALLY need a new video card!

      One probably won't suffice to be honest... x games have been notorious for horrible performance :x Hopefully they've invested more money in optimising this release in the series.

    Bought my alpha access for Star Citizen the other day..

    Anyone who likes the look of this should check it out :D

      Yeah, definitely looking forward to that one. Got myself a Constellation in the hangar just waiting to be flown.

      Nah, at least I'll get to play X Rebirth on a non-Windows OS, still waiting for Star Citizen to offer anything more than "we have lots of Mac and Linux fans on our team!"

    Isnt this pretty much just EVE?

      lol what. Why comment when you've clearly not ever played EVE lol..

      Last edited 12/08/13 3:12 pm

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