Rockstar: Sony's PS4 GTA V Tweet Was Just A Typo

Rockstar: Sony's PS4 GTA V Tweet Was Just A Typo

Today, Sony stirred up some speculation by tweeting about GTA V coming to PlayStation 4. But Rockstar Games tells us that was just a typo.

Anyone who's seen the impressive videos and screenshots of September's Grand Theft Auto V has probably wondered if the game will come to next-gen consoles. Rockstar, however, has talked only about Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. So you can imagine our surprise to see this tweet from Sony's UK Twitter feed:

@mrxmas123 GTA V is going to be amazing, especially on the PS4! What other games are you looking forward to playing, Norman? — Sony UK (@SonyUK) August 27, 2013

That tweet, spotted by NeoGAF, comes as a response to a player who mentioned being excited about what he calls "GTA 5 MIAMI" being on the PlayStation 4… a console for which the actual game GTA V hasn't been announced. Sony UK's response seems to suggest that the game will be on PS4. Which, of course, did sort of seem like a typo, though the Sony Twitter account has also been retweeting the guy's excitement about the GTA V on PS4.

Rockstar: Sony's PS4 GTA V Tweet Was Just A Typo

We reached out to Rockstar and Sony to ask what the story was. A Rockstar spokesperson told us that the tweet is a typo and pointed out that the Sony UK Twitter account isn't directly related to Sony's PlayStation division. (They tweet at @PlayStationEU.) We've yet to hear back from Sony, but we'll update this article when we do.

While next-gen versions of GTA V — likely to be one of the biggest games of the year — seem probable, this would have been a very peculiar way for the news to get out, particularly because a next-gen announcement this early would likely take a bite out of current-gen preorders of the game.

It's been a heck of a few days for Sony and GTA V — this all comes shortly after the pre-load PlayStation 3 version of the game was hacked, resulting in a number of spoilers and music playlists hitting the web. (Sony has since acknowledged the leak and apologized.)


    Come on it's a only an matter of when it comes to PS4 in some form, maybe just a spruced up digital release,maybe a full retail GOTY with dlc's down the track, hell maybe only GTA On-line will come out as a free to play full of micro-transactions.

    If their doing a pc version that is x86 and DX11 based then an XboxOne version is practiclly done and unless MS do some exclusivtivity bullshit then PS4 will get a go too.

    Besides I've read multiple hands on previews that suggest that the game shown in the trailers and screen-shots isn't the one we will be playing on Sep. 17th.

    Pretty sure they would already have the PC version up and running considering thats what they would be developing on and they would maintain a PC version of their engine. They will just pace the releases as they've always done. Current Gen 1st since it has the largest 'secure' market share' then we'll get Next gen releases in 6 months time shortly followed by a PC release.

    Rockstar really should let us know whether a next-gen version is coming out. I understand that they don't want to take away from the current-gen editions' potential sales, but I don't actually think it'd impact them all that much. The exact same amount of people will buy it - the only difference is that some of those sales would be put off until the next-gen release.
    If they've already decided internally they want to cash in by selling diehard fans two copies of the game, I won't be happy. Not being given the choice between current and next gen smells like exploration to me. They're not short of cash; a sale is a sale. I'd certainly wait for a next-gen version, even if it's six months away - and Rockstar would still end up with another game's worth of my hard-earned. It's whether they've decided to make a grab for two game's worth which concerns me.

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      They already HAVE.

      There IS NO NEXT GEN VERSION, it isn't in development, it itsn' planned for development.

      ERGO it doesn't exist they have stated it so many times, there is no confusion or miss information.

      Is this likely to change? probably, but we wont see it for very long time if at all.
      If it does happen it will be because the game needs the extra grunt for some special expansion or online feature they want to add, they aren't the type to cash in a "2nd purchase" for slightly prettier graphics.

        I'm sorry, do you work for Rockstar? Didn't see any definitive proof that there is absolutely not going to be a next-gen version.

          I'm sorry, do you not know how to read? Didn't see anything in his comment that says there is absolutely not going to be a next-gen version. And like most people assume and kingpotato stated, there will most likely be a next-gen version. We just have no idea when.

            There IS NO NEXT GEN VERSION, it isn't in development, it itsn' planned for development.

            He seems pretty convinced to me.

              Toasty you seem to lack even a mediocre level of English reading comprehension, as pointed out by Drewmosabi.

              If you disagree i couldn't care less, but don't comment if your too stupid to understand what your responding too.

              As I clearly stated in a manner with which a 2nd grade student could easily understand. They have said its not in development, that means unless they are lying (possible) that is actually doesn't exist.

              Though you can almost guarantee that it will eventually come out on next gen in a few years if this online stuff plays as well as it looks or as I already stated an expansion or new feature isn't capable of running on current gen hardware. In which case a new flashy game of the year styled version would be likely.

              Either way everyone should buy the version out in a few weeks because any version that might eventuate on next gen will be significantly different/improved that it would be worth a 2nd purchase to a lot of people.

              PS. I hate these forums, 90% of the users need to go back to school.

                There IS NO NEXT GEN VERSION, it isn't in development, it itsn' planned for development.

                This is what I directed my comment at. "It isn't planned for development." How do you have any way of knowing that? How many times have developers said absolutely nothing about the existence of a PC version and then confirmed it another few months down the line? Bethesda comes to mind. Publishers do it all the time to gain multiple sales to each customer. They announce for consoles and then announce it for PC when all the PC players buy it for their consoles. Exact same logic for next-gen because the graphics would have a similar leap in quality.

      No, they would undoubtedly gain quite a few sales, not to mention they probably want to get as many sales at launch as possible just for bragging rights etc. A huge amount of sales on day 1 is preferably to the same amount of sales over a few months, for obvious reasons. They want to make as much money as possible in a quick amount of time so the game is considered a success. It won't do them any good if they make half their sales now, and the other half in 6 month's time.

      Their not announcing a next-gen version is the same reason they haven't announced a PC version; People who really really want the next gen version will still buy the current gen version anyway because they can't wait to play it, and then buy it again when the next gen version comes out. If they announced a next gen version, chances are they'd just wait. There is absolutely no reason they would announce the game for PS4 or Xbone either.

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        That's all true. I'm simply saying that, as a gamer who chooses their library carefully, I'd like to be able to make an informed decision as to which theoretical version I'd purchase. Does it make business sense for Rockstar to re-release the game on next-gen platforms? Yes. As much business sense as it makes to not give us an incentive to put off a purchase.
        My point is based on an assumption that a next-gen version is inevitable. Many games over the PS2 to PS3 / Xbox to Xbox 360 transition had versions available on both. IF a next-gen version is in the works, ideally, I'd like to be given the choice. It's all speculation, of course. The point could be entirely moot.

        This. Absolutely. I'm quite prepared to buy at least 3 licenses. 360/pc/next gen.

          I just want it in 1080p. I would really like it on PC, but I would settle for PS4.

    I reckon it will happen when they make the PC version. But unless the PS4 version has some exclusive content then I'll probably just wait for the PC version to go cheap in a steam sale.

      Yeah give 6-8 months before we see a PC/XBOne/PS4 version. I can't see why Rockstar wouldn't bring it to the new consoles..

        They didn't with San Andreas and PS3/360.

          That is true. But San Andreas at best didn't look that great, where as GTA V looks amazing, and looks like it'd be a great contender for the PS4 & XBOne.

      IT HAS to come to PC. GTA is a staple for me on PC and I think you are right, around Christmas they will announce the Next Gen and PC Versions release date, probably April or so next year. Seems to be the cycle, which is a shame. The PC Version should be a release at launch. Bah.

    WTF man!!!
    Im getting PS4 and leaving all this games behind like beyond two souls, last of us and GTA V thinking it will come to PS4. and they wont even... cmon R*, atleast PC


    My thoughts,
    San Andreas came out just before the 360/PS3 release, San Andreas was NOT ported to the new consoles, Rockstar doesn't give a f##k.
    I don't believe that GTAV will come to next gen consoles, ever. However GTA Online, the separate GTA entity that conveniently comes packaged with GTAV will come to next gen, the ever expanding and separate world that it is will live, grow and become its own thing entirely. It is essentially a GTAMMO, except with a player count limited by current gen consoles. For this world to continue growing, one would assume it must come to next gen consoles eventually.
    Check out CVG on Youtube, specifically the interview with the Rockstar President i believe it was, they go over all of this, except the next gen stuff, that is purely my own educated speculation.

    Fuck 'em I'm buying the PS3 release at luanch and then if a pc and or PS4/XB1 version comes out in less than 3 months or it's a bait and switch which is rumored, I'm torrenting it.

      How about don't buy it at all, or wait until the first Steam sale it is in and nab it cheaper. Don't be one of those "I'm entitled to pirate it because I bought it already" kind of people. Really makes me wonder if what I was told by an EB employee is true about the majority of PC gamers and all they do is fucking steal games. I can't even recall the last time I pirated a game on PC given my Steam collection is so vast.

    GTA V will be on the PS4 and Xbox One, because both Sony and Microsoft NEED it to be, in order to help shift consoles.

    Just tell the truth you scumbags.

    I'm not saying it either will or it won't be a next gen game, but I will direct people to the following.

    1) GTA Online is based on GTA 5 at its core (The engine, graphic's, mechanics etc.) GTA online is not meant to be a strapped on side project, but a new game that "will continue to grow and expand".
    If the game doesn't move to next gen in the near future (within 12 months) this core project will be made redundant with in less than 2 years, for a game that was original announced almost 2 years ago. That’s just doesn't make sense at least from Rockstar’s history of GTA games.

    2) I would like to point people attention to the photo's take on the set of Sony's PS4 trailer (released at E3 this year that starts sort of like a GTA TV spot) the film set clearly has GTA 5 posters on it, why I don't know just bringing it to people’s attention

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