Link Will Not Be Included In Soul Calibur II HD Online

Sadly, GameCube-exclusive Link will not be included in Soul Calibur II HD Online later this year, but Xbox-exclusive Heihachi and PS2-exclusive Spawn will be available in both the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions. Combined, they are nearly as good as the Hero of Hyrule. Almost.


    I'd like a jewish character that knows Jew-jitsu please

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    Correction: Spawn was Xbox, Heihachi was PS2.

    Regardless, great news!

    Aaaand they just lost a sale.

    Totally unsurprising that Link isn't going to be in a version of the game available on non-Nintendo games.

    The real shame here is that they seem to be skipping putting it on a Nintendo platform.

    nintendo suck so much right now.
    2ds. no windwaker bundle and this thing.

    I still have my GCN SCII.
    I have all 3 of those consoles and picked Link over the other two. So pfffft to this remake.

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