Buy Soul Calibur IV For $50

Buy Soul Calibur IV For $50

sciv_norks.jpgEcoGamer’s Anthony has once again sent us a great tip for those looking to pick up Soul Calibur IV on the cheap. We’ve previously posted prices for a bunch of popular stores, but if you’re willing to do a bit of leg work, you can shave $50 off the RRP.

I could paraphrase Anthony’s tip, but bless him, he’s done an excellent job of summing up the details:

If anyone missed out or thought SCIV was too expensive, using a combination of deals you can pick it up for just $49.90. Even less with an EB Games EDGE card (10% discount).

EB Games started their ‘Buy 2 preowned games’ sale this week, and you can pick up Gears of War, Fight Night Round 3 and Bomberman: Act Zero which are currently not on JB Hi-Fi’s trade in exclusion list. Then simply walk into JB Hi-Fi and trade in all three to get Soul Calibur 4. This is also a good opportunity to get Ninja Gaiden 2, DBZ Bust Limit and GRID amongst others for $50. These trade in deals end on the 10th and it is not known yet which ones will be carried into the next catalogue.

EB Games Preowned Sale – Cheap SCIV [EcoGamer, thanks Anthony]


  • you can totally see her nipples through the costume. naughty SCIV developers raised the lighting at that area and darkened the shading slightly. (I wasn’t even searching for them)

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