Get A PlayStation Vita With One Of Three Games, $199 From JB Hi-Fi

Was it really February 2012 when the PS Vita launched in Australia? I guess it's not that long ago... but long enough that deals and bundles for the handheld are becoming more common. And cheaper. This latest one from JB Hi-Fi isn't bad — a Vita with a copy of LittleBigPlanet for $199.

The deal was spotted yesterday by user rakerr on OzBargain and while the the product page on the JB Hi-Fi website states that it comes with just LittleBigPlanet, you can apparently choose from two other games — Soul Sacrifice and All-Stars Battle. Note that it's the Wi-Fi model only, so if you're after 3G too, you'll need to look elsewhere.

My Google-fu shows the Wi-Fi model retailing locally for $300-400, so getting a brand new unit for $199, with a game, seems like a good deal.

A few posters in the OzBargain thread had a go at getting EB Games to price-match, without success, though you might have better luck with your local store.

The offer appears valid until Sunday, so if you're keen, head over to JB!

Playstation Vita (Wifi) Console (+ Little Big Planet) [JB Hi-Fi]


    Thats a great deal... Cant help but wonder if there will be some new games ,a price drop on the console and more hopeful the memory cards at gamescom...

    Other wise... Its a great handheld... Unfortunately it doesn't have many must have titles... But i feel ive gotten enough value from mine to justify the purchase... (i got a 16gb wifi with rayman for $200)

      Not many right now but I get this feeling once the PS4 hits, things will change.

        Well, sony said something about gamescom being a vita show and having alot of big titles to show off... but after e3 i dont have my hopes up...

          199 to me is a pretty damn good price, given its a PS4 controllere as well, Im all for buying it at that price with my tax cheque :D

            I must admit thats a verry big draw card.

              Yep, its the '2nd screen' for the ps4, has the functionality the ps4 has but its missing 2 buttons still isn't it? :\

                Yeah, but the streaming chip is supposed to mean that the only hiccup is the devs need to choose controls for the 4 mission buttons... Verry promising, but still would love a couple more aaa titles on my vita...

                  Nice, no reason they cant relocate the buttons to the screen or something.

                Rear touch pad can be separated into 4 buttons making up for missing L2/R2 and L3/R3.

    Yeah such a great handheld but it just lacks the games. I still play mine mostly playing MGS HD, Jak n Daxter trilogy, Uncharted and Gravity Rush. Maybe once PS4 comes out it mite pick up.

      Yeah, unfortuanately there are alot of ports that... under achieve... like jak or the lego games...

    For such a low price I'm mighty tempted. I already have PS Plus and it is offering Uncharted Golden Abyss at the moment....

      Even without a Vita, 'purchase' the free games now and you can download them any time later, as long as you are still subscribed.

      It's worth it just for the PS+ freebies. Since PS+ started on Vita I've got Uncharted, Wipeout, Gravity Rush, Virtues Last Reward, Unit 13, Rayman Origins, Ninja Gaiden Sigma + and a heap of indie/small games. It's completely validate my purchase.

    Just went and picked one up. Going to use it for PS1 games and any freebies I get with PS+

    Wow. If I didn't have other plans for that money I'd totally buy one - sounds like a great price.

    No dice! Im waiting for the almost guaranteed price drop a few months after the PS4 releases. Hell if im lucky there might even be a PS4+Vita package on offer at some point.

    This is mighty tempting, I already have a whole bunch of Vita games on my PSN account thanks to PS+. Not sure if I should wait though for the inevitable version 2 of the Vita.

      Well I bought a Vita. Zero willpower right here.

        It took you 104mins so congratulations, you've got SOME willpower. Don't beat yourself up :)

    This sounds like a great deal, if i buy one can i transfer the ps1 games i bought on the PS3 to the Vita? or would i have to buy them again on the Vita?

      Yup, you can definitely transfer them across. You don't need to purchase them again. You will just have to download them again. You can download straight to the Vita or you can download to PS3 and then transfer via the included USB Vita cable.

      Don't worry, as long as they say they are vita compatible then you can play them on it as well as your ps3.

    If I wasn't trying to save money to upgrade my drum kit, I'd be very tempted by this. Especially given I'm going overseas next week. Alas, if I drop 200 bucks on this then that delays my kit upgrade.

    First World Problems, I guess.

    Last edited 27/07/13 11:21 pm

    Bit late to the party Kotaku. The deal was for Wednesday only. Not on the website or any stores.

      edit: Not on the website or in any stores anymore is what I meant to say.

        If you check JB-hifi online you will see they extended the deal until this Sunday.

          Weird, I looked on the site before I posted this and it was listed as $259...

    Maybe somebody can help me here, it's kind of related to the article. I'm wanting to pick up a 3DS XL, and I've been waiting for a while to see if they'd drop below 235 - EB's current price. I saw today that they're 219 at target, and that's pretty good. Or they're preowned at EB for 208, and if there's not much difference between a preowned one and a new one I might jump on that,

    Could anybody give me some insight or know of a better deal? Thanks in advance :)

      Depends how much you want to spend really. The only problem with the vita is buying the expensive memory card. If you are downloading a lot of games (or install on the memory card), then the console is worth it.

      You can check on gumtree as there might be some good deals. I bought mine from gumtree as there was a good deal. Console + 32gb mem card + 4gb mem card + 4 vita games + case for AU$275.

      Sometimes ebay have some decent deals as well

    Tempting. But I barely even play my 3DS so I don't need another handheld to sit around gathering dust.

      Yeah I'm on the same boat, I bought a PSP for $99 and only played Crisis core and MediEvil, I have a 3DS that only really plays pokemon at most but with a PS4 on preorder I'd love to have a psvita some time down the track, but its just not that feasible.

    If you want some portable gaming I recommend the vita. Sure, there aren't huge amounts of games for it, but you can also play ps1 and psp games on it, not to mention PS+ gives you a couple of games a month for it. You'd be crazy to not have ps+ if you own a vita and ps3

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