Buying Soul Calibur IV, The Cheap Way

Buying Soul Calibur IV, The Cheap Way
sc_4_front.jpgSoul Calibur IV is due out tomorrow (if it hasn’t already made its way to shelves on the sly), and if the idea of paying $100+ for this gorgeous fighting title makes you want to cry or throw pieces of chair at your dad, Ecogamer recommends you drop into K-mart or JB Hi-Fi. Both stores have the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, with the former platform going for $79 and the latter $89.

If you’re of the trade-in persuasion, I’d suggest hitting the jump. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay top-dollar for bouncing 3D norks jubblies chesticles breasts. Damn.

Soul Calibur 4 is cheapest at both JB Hi-Fi and Kmart, where the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are $79 and $89 respectively. Those after the Xbox 360 version can get the game for just $59.95 by purchasing the following and trading them in at JB Hi-Fi: – Ridge Racer 6 at Big W for $15 – X-Men 3 at Big W for $15 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Target for $29.95

A complete list of confirmed prices can be found at:

Soul Calibur IV [Ecogamer, thanks Anthony]


  • Or grab the unregioned 360 Asia release from play-asia for about $55.

    Note: not sure if it’s in english though. Usually they are but you can never be sure.

  • The Asian version of SC4 has full english support, but not everyone wants to import. Its written down in the list at Economical Gamer. I just figured the $59.95 price for SC4 on Xbox 360 was decent enough.

  • the ps3 is region less, so lets make use of that and import stuff from play-asia…much much cheaper. plus aussie games are too overpriced and the pal version always censors stupid things.

    lik sang died in vain the day sony decided to make the ps3 region free…why were they complaining about imports then!? is it just me or do sony always seem to treat loyal customers like dirt?

  • Nope. You can check below the product description at Play Asia to see what languages it supports and what regions it works in.

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