Search YouTube For 'Bronies'. It's Magic

Search YouTube For

What happens when you search YouTube for the word "Bronies", you ask? First you get a listing of videos about Bronies. Then something magical happens.

It's another aspect of YouTube's Geek Week, which also brought us yesterday's impromptu games of Missile Command.

I've been watching it for 10 minutes now. I should probably just boot up the laptop and leave it open there.

If you'd rather me just spoil it, then watch this:


    I'd rather watch my dog roll around in the growing grass.

      Luckily for you youtube has you covered:

        My dog is cuter when he rolls (kelpie cross stafford) >:[

    Heh, cute.

    Seem to be the same sprites as in the hangouts easter eggs (/ponies and /ponystream)

    What happens when you search YouTube for the word “Bronies”, you ask?

    You enter your name into a list of people that should have been snuffed at birth and thrown into a pit like deformed Spartans?
    .... Why yes, yes you do...

    Last edited 10/08/13 9:30 pm

    It upsets me that Google has classified bronies as geeks

    Is this geek week or autistic middle aged men week?

    Who cares what they do with their time? If it doesn't interest you or isn't something you identify with, then just move along and find something else to look at instead. No need to turn up the internet hate machine.

    You must be confused about the meaning of magic.....

    I did what the article said and I found this. I think it gave me Aspergers'. No wait, Tourettes', because when I think of Bronies it's all #&^$& and #)(*=# in their pasty white (*&#$s and then #)#&^ and *&^## with a wet kipper.

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