The PS Vita Price Cut Confirmed In Australia

Early this morning Sony announced the PS Vita would receive a price cut in the US. Now Sony Australia has confirmed that Australia will also receive a price cut, reducing the RRP to $269.95 for the Wi-Fi and 3G version of the console. The previous RRP was $349.00.

The price drop will be effective from September 2.

The 12 GB version of the PS3 has also been given a price drop and will retail for the same price, $269.95.

This information comes in the wake of a big news night for Sony, with the company announcing a release date of November 29 for its upcoming next generation console the PlayStation 4.


    Now if only the battery was swappable and it had, you know, games worth buying…

      Golden Abyss
      LBP Vita
      WipEout 2048
      All the PSone Classics!

        And about a million indie games.

        Seriously, PS+ will fill your Vita with games faster than you can play them.

          yep, i got one a few weeks back (3G and WiFi with PS Allstars for $250), with a PS+($80), and $45 8gb memory card and 10 games mega pack.
          With PS+ I also got Gravity Rush, Golden Abyss and LEGO: LOTR free!

          I got my moneys worth in the one go and PS+ is going to carry me the rest of the way

      The battery lasts quite a long time, depending on the game you are playing. I regularly get 5 hours out of it. Plus it stays on standby (instant resume) for days without needing a charge.

      As for games, well, I've got more than enough to keep me busy, but whatever floats your boat.

      Person 4 golden

    There are a lot of fun games on the Vita. If you have PS+ it's pretty damn awesome. I've had one since release day and never regretted it.

      I don't have a Vita but I've been queueing all the free PS+ games in anticipation of this price drop.
      Will have too much to play when I finally pick one up, but that's a good problem to have.

        Same here. I've got a whole bunch of Vita games as a result of PS+ and PS3/Vita cross-buy titles that it no longer makes much sense to NOT buy one. I reckon the games I've got for it are probably worth more than the console at this point :P

    There are games worth playing, you just don't know that since you don't have one.

    Are they cutting the memory card price here like are for the US/Europe?

    I've set $250 as my cut-off point for buying a Vita (nearly bought one last week but the damn EB sale ended the day before I went in there to buy it). I could see myself stretching to $270 if the memory card is $20 cheaper since the total cost would end up about the same then anyway.

      I got my Vita from EB and my memory card from ozgameshop. It was about $100 for a 32GB card at the time.

    Tempting, but I barely even play my 3DS so I don't think I need another handheld.

    bought at launch... love it... but i then bought a 3ds xl...

    Slightly over a 22.5% reduction in price.


    If only this price cut had come earlier, maybe the system would be doing better.

    And yeah as Braaains above alluded to, the price of the memory cards is still ridiculous and a major sticking point for the system. They really need to sort that shit out.

    The Vita prices are actually up. JB and EB have had Vita + Game and sometimes 4gb card for >$240. Now the price has increased to $349 just to decrease to $270

      This is a valid point, I missed the $199 JB deal which then returned to their 'normal' price around $270 after that. Looked today, $349.

      Yeah, I went to buy one for $250 from EB on Friday last week and they told me the sale ended on Thursday. I guess they needed to raise the price back up so they could cut it today :P

      But $270 is ok by me as long as the memory card is $20 cheaper. EB still haven't updated the pricing on their website yet, though, so waiting to see what happens there.

    Tempting. If it was able to be used as a second controller for the PS4 in any game rather than only ones that are coded to use it I would snap one up like *snap*. Then in effect you'd be paying $170 for a Vita as you're saving $99 for the PS4 controller.

      I daresay that functionality will be coming, but I wouldn't use the Vita as a controller for any length of time simply because it is not that comfortable to hold and the analogue sticks are too short for precise aiming. I am looking forward to the odd burst of remote play though.

    What about the Wifi only version?

      I think they're the same price now. Which I guess makes you wonder what the point of a wifi only version is if it's the same price as wifi + 3G. Personally, I reckon they'd be better off ditching the 3G one and having a wifi only one that's a bit cheaper. Most of us these days probably have smartphones that we can connect to with the Vita to and use the 3G data that way if we need it.

        Exactly. Cut one model off if the price is the same.

        Or dop the price on the Wifi to $199. I'd probably buy one then.....maybe.

    If Wifi and 3G are the same price - which it seems to be(?) - then why wouldn't you get the 3G version?

    In reality, is the 3G pretty unlikely to be used? i.e. using the Vita is no better than a smart phone or tablet unless using specifically for (multiplayer) gaming?

    I'm just trying to figure out if I should rush out and buy a 3G at the new price, which isn't that great, before all the 3G run out.

      The two models are:
      Wifi plus 3G
      Wifi only
      Mark is referring to the first one with his words, 'Wi-Fi and 3G.'

        oh, So we don't know what the new price for the wifi only is?

    Can you buy Vita games at retail and then save it to your memory card?

      No, you'd need the cartridge (which are about the size of a stamp) still in order to play it.

    Awesome, looks like it's time I got one. Been meaning to give Persona 4 another go. Never did finish that game on the PS2.

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