No PS2 Price Drop In Australia

No PS2 Price Drop In Australia

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Overnight we heard Sony announce a PS2 price drop for the US, a PS2 price drop for Europe and… not a PS2 price drop for the UK. But what about Australia?

We asked Sony’s local PR if we’re more of a US or a UK. Turns out we’re siding with the Poms.

The price drop announcement overnight from SCE Europe does not currently affect Australia. Our RRP of $199.95 will remain the same.

I’d normally act all disappointed here, but since everyone already has a PS2 I can’t summon the energy to synthesise the outrage.


  • I was going to use this price drop to get my first PS2 to play final fantasy 10 and 12 after loving 7,8,9 on ps1 many years ago. This is annoying because I don’t want to pay $200 just to play 2 games.

  • Yeah really, i dont think anybody is worried. Kmart and Target usually have them sale for well below RRP anyway, and everybody on the planet has one of the damn things now.

    However one thing this could be indicative of is the likelyhood that if a PS3 price cut were to finally come to the American and Japanese markets theres a good chance it wouldnt be passed on to the PAL regions right away.

  • Doesn’t look like my stingy friend will be getting one soon…

    Oh and all the girls in that pic are hot. It had to be said.

  • I have no desire to purchase a PlayStation 2. This does annoy me, however. Everyone should know by now that it’s the principle. Aren’t we ‘good’ enough to get a discount? Etc.

  • ….. RRP of $199.95?

    I worked at EB for a few months and a brand new PS2 slim was $149 and more often than not larger places like Kmart and BigW were better prices than us.

  • I was going to get one with my free Government money if the price dropped! 🙁 Sorry, Sony, I’m taking my hard-earned free money elsewhere.

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