Rumour: Australian PS2 Price Drop Incoming?

ps2_slim_left.jpgA source at EB Games has informed us of a possible price drop for Sony's Playstation 2 - one we could see in just a few weeks. Although the source was unable to provide an exact figure, $99 was highlighted as a strong possibility. Apparently EB has quite the cache of PS2s ready to go for this.

The source didn't specific whether the drop was for the slim, standard model or both. I'm sure you'll agree that if it's for the former, this would be great news.

As usual, Sony Australia had no comment regarding the rumour, so it's fingers crossed at this stage.


    oh hell yes, this is exactly what i was hoping would happen... i still haven't played God Of War, Shadow of The Colossus, haven't played Ratchet and Clank in years... anything else i'm missing?

    Hmm... I could swear that it allready was $99 at JB Hi-Fi, and that it had been for almost a year now?

    wow ive been waiting seven years to pick one up, finally its at a decent price point. I care so much! Enthusiasm!!!

    I don't have one yet - haven't felt the need. But, at $99, it's stupid not to get one.

    I wish EB games was sure that this was happening. my brother and i would half the pice! LOL!!!

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