To Be Fair, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ Galactus Is OMG Squirrel Girl

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes reveals its ultimate villain, and we are all acting surprised. I gasped audibly. We did not see this coming. Well, we did see it coming. We just didn’t know it would be so freaky.

Of all the incarnations of Marvel’s world-eating ultimate menace, the brief glimpse we’re given here in the Gamescom trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes might be the scariest. Certainly more frightening than the giant guy in purple and blue spandex with a silly hat on classic version, and barely inching past Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer‘s vaguely Galactus-shaped cloud.

Of course the moment after the big reveal he probably does a pratfall, or the heroes try to satiate him with Hostess Fruit Pies or something. It’s still LEGO.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, to be exact, due out later this year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, DS, 3DS, Vita, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

UPDATE: How did I miss that? At 1:26, as readers point out, we have LEGO Squirrel Girl. Galactus is screwed.


  • Things like this, wish there was a version with the gameplay removed and just had the cutscenes.
    Played a lot of the Star Wars LEGO games, so I’m LEGO’d out, but wouldn’t mind watching the cutscenes. Would make a good movie.

  • @mic – there is!

    The Lego Batman movie , and Prequel era and Luke era Lego Star Wars movies – on DVD and bluray! All three should run you less than the cost of a new release game!

    That said – I’ve bought almost all the Lego games – HP 1&2, SW 1, 2 &3, IJ 1&2, Bats1&2, I think its just POTC & LOTR I need – and haven’t played half of them yet ( I have a life threatening games backlog) – and I’ve bought two of the movies -and haven’t watched them yet (shocking dvd/bd backlog shocker) – so I guess I’m kind of in the same “love the idea, but not compelled to drop everything for them” boat.

    Well, not compelled to drop anything except for the bundle I dropped buying Lego games – because hey – who doesn’t love Lego? And surely the cost of a game isn’t much compared to buying all the figures and playsets.

  • I only got into them with LotR (it was on sale at GreenManGaming or something a while ago) and then went back to Batman 2. Loved both for different reasons (Batman was so silly and fun while LotR actually felt like a badass LotR game – along with plenty of Lego sillyness)
    Can’t wait for this new one

  • Oooh. Looks nice. I’ve played a few but only completed Lego Indy. A great 10 or so hours of shameful fun. Could be a day one for XBone and will keep me happy when I want to relax.

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