Angry Birds Gloms Some Of Today’s GTA Hype With One Terrific Drawing

Angry Birds  Gloms Some Of Today’s GTA Hype With One Terrific Drawing

This was tweeted today by the people behind Angry Birds. Their new game comes out on Thursday.

The Tweet followed an attempt by the folks behind Saints Row to bottle some of today’s GTA V buzz for themselves.

And here’s a new promo for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, the new contender in the open-world genre that Rockstar pioneered…

Angry Birds  Gloms Some Of Today’s GTA Hype With One Terrific Drawing


  • I dunno why it irks me so much but when a company takes a direct dig (say Sony/MS, Pepsi/Coke, Optus/Telstra) at a competitor it just feels cheap and annoying.

    The angry birds one is awesome… take GTA in stride and make a poster in homage.
    The watchdogs “two months are enough to visit Los Santos”…. ummmm, thanks?

    • Take Saints Row IV DLC that came out yesterday called “GAT V” my mate thought it was just hilarious because he hates the Grand Theft Auto franchise with a fiery passion.. Yet thinks Saints Row is the best thing since the wheel or sliced bread..

        • Yeah, I love pissing him off talking about GTA.

          I guess everyone just wants in on the biggest game of the year and possibly for a while. Apparently it cost 265 million dollars to make and market, that’s a lot of money for a damn game.

          • I read they had $800 million in sales on the first day, better figures than a hollywood blockbuster haha. I feel like everyone’s used to annual/bi-annual turn around of games (COD’s etc) that when something like this comes out it fully shines. I’ve sunk about 8 hours into the game and the world is just starting to open up.

            It’s really a win/win. They invest a buttload of time/money into making quality games and MASSIVELY get rewarded for their efforts, couldn’t be happier with it.

          • I just saw that before, not surprised, but Rockstar do deserve it, they delivered a fantastic game, so much so I haven’t really turned the PlayStation off in two days or gone anywhere I am that into it haha.

  • I never understood the appeal of Angry Birds. It’s just a reskin of the same game that’s been made a thousand times over since nearly the birth of video gaming itself. The only versions of the formula I’ve ever enjoyed were Scorched Earth and Worms. I’ve tried playing several versions of Angry Birds and I get bored after two or three levels.

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