Don’t Worry, More DC Superhero Video Games Are Apparently On The Way

Don’t Worry, More DC Superhero Video Games Are Apparently On The Way

No matter how some folks felt about Man of Steel‘s take on the Superman mythos, there’s no denying that the Zack Snyder-directed flick made tons of money. If you’re wondering about how this year’s other Kal-El-centric entertainment offering performed, it seems like the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game did well enough to excite the suits at parent company Time Warner. And they’re planning to dip into the DC Comics catalogue for more video game ideas, too.

Speaking at a conference last week, Time Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara talked about how important video games are to the meg-conglomerate’s bottom line. The transcript on Yahoo! Finance looks like it get some words wrong (local is probably Lego) but here’s the meat of it:

We are by far the biggest — probably the only studio that’s making money on the game side like this. It’s a business that we’ve built from scratch with some acquisition but we have really three key franchises to date. It’s the local franchise, it’s the Mortal Kombat franchise, and it’s the Arkham of Batman franchise, those three are very significant. We are having a very good year. We have two more big games coming out, LEGO Marvel coming out as well as the next installation of the Batman Arkham series coming out in October as well.

It’s weird to have the guy in charge of DC Comics’ parent company talking about Lego Marvel Superheroes as a big deal but, hey, the WB Games division is the one putting the title out. Tsujihara goes on to say that they’re going to be looking to make more games based on the superhero universe that’s part of the Time Warner family tree:

…but we are on track to having a great year in games and we feel very good about where that’s going. And as you said it’s being driven — the new franchises that we are going to be zoning are going to be DC franchises. We think there is big opportunities to build off of what we are doing throughout the rest of the company in games as well.

As messy as things have been for DC Comics as a publisher lately, it’s still tantalising to think about the characters and super-teams that could become games in the future. There was loose talk about a Suicide Squad project being in development and the new Warner Bros. Montreal studio — the ones making Batman: Arkham Origins — was created with the specific mandate of turning DC properties into games. So, let’s dream here, what DC character do you want to be the focus of a game?

[Yahoo! Finance, via The Beat]


  • I really hope that Rocksteady are off making a Superman or Green Arrow game…

    Heck I think I’d even take a Wonder Woman game by those guys.

    • Knowing their luck, they’re probably stuck making an Unreal Engine 4 version of Batman for the next crop of consoles.

  • They would probably pursue a tie in mobile game for the new Superman film, but I like to think that they could do something unique with the DC heroes. DC Universe Online is pretty good, and a DC MOBA would probably go well, the latest Mortal Kombat was great, and the new DC fighting game was a great deal of fun. Wonder what Rocksteady are up to? I’d like to see them do something original, but I think an off-shoot of Arkham series would be really good. Perhaps a noir detective type game set in the 1800’s western with Amadeus Arkham and Jonah Hex…

    • there’s already a DC universe based MOBA named Infinite Crisis in development, its even got a Beta, if I’m not mistaken

  • A really good Martian Manhunter game would be hard to pull off, but if someone like Rocksteady did it, I’d be thrilled. I’d also like to see (if Rocksteady are in fact working on the fourth Arkham game) WB Montreal work on a HUGE Nightwing-based DLC campaign, but obviously with a better worked Nightwing than the Arkham City DLC.

    • What they need to make is a full co-op arkham game, so you can play online witha buddy and do the story line as the dynamic duo.

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