Have You Already Played A Next-Gen Console?

Have You Already Played A Next-Gen Console?

Did you go to PAX? Did you wait in line to play a game on the Xbox One or PS4? Did you make it to the end and actually play one? Do you want to tell us what you thought?

If you answered YES to all of the above, well...tell us what you thought. Until GamesCom and PAX, the only people who'd really got their hands on the new consoles were people like developers and the press.

But now that you guys have played around with them, what are your thoughts? Doesn't matter if you only played for 10 minutes and were playing unfinished code running on a PC, if you got a controller in your hands, you can at least tell us about that.

Were the pads comfy? What games did you play? Were the games as next-gen as you'd hoped? Does my butt look big in these jeans?


    /pcmasterrace on
    I have a 2-3 year old computer, so yes I've played the next gen.
    /pcmasterrace off

      Kewl what next Gen game did you play and what controller did you use, did it have kinnect 2 can't wait to try that out.

        good call nema, yes pc troll you are a flopping dildo

          Because the controllers are so fundamentally different on the PS4 and XB1, and Kinect 2 is guaranteed to have a profound effect on gameplay

      I bought a new gaming PC last week. It really is a step up from current consoles.

      Wow, I thought I was pretty obvious with the /pcmasterrace on & off that it was all in good fun...
      Guess some people are overly sensitive.

    Something something Wii U something next-gen something PC something

      I knowww, its inevitable for someone to say something so I guess its me. WiiU is actually part of the next gen, as in this generation of consoles, whether people like it or not.

        You just said two different things. It can't be both this gen and next gen.

          Blergh, splitting hairs. By this I mean xbone and ps4.

          Last edited 04/09/13 9:32 am

            It's not splitting hairs. The moment a console is released it becomes 'this generation'. Once a console is superceded, it then becomes 'last generation'.

            Technically, until Nintendo release another console the WiiU will remain as 'this gen'.

              But... wait... why? They were just the first to release a console for the generation following Wii/360/ps3. Not sure how you figure the WiiU to be in that generation when its clearly the Wii's successor

                Besides the controller it looks, smells and behaves a lot like the current generation. You can also buy it right now, which makes it current.

        Or is it just extremely late current gen?

        Edit: It's a stupid question really. Nintendo don't really slot into the definition of a "gen" too well and pretty much just do their own thing.

        Last edited 04/09/13 8:49 am

        Exactly. I don't care if it's not as powerful or whatever, but I do consider it to be "next-gen" since it is the next generation of Nintendo consoles.

        Although that last part is a bit contradictory as I only consider the "next-gen" to be "current-gen" whenever they're all released :P

        I guess it depends on how you define a "generation". I mean, if it's considered "next gen" simply because of when it's released (i.e. around the time of all the other "next gen" consoles) then yes, it's next gen. But so is the Ouya.

        If you define it by its actual capabilities compared to what's already been available for years then no, it's nowhere near.

          It's such a loaded term, isn't it?

          The imagery tied to the term "next gen" implies magical changes and seismic shifts in gaming. 2D to 3D platforming was "next gen". 8-bit colour to 32-bit was "next gen".

          If something seems samey, I find it hard to classify it as "next gen" but more "newest console".

          VR immersion is "next gen" as far as I'm concerned. Cloud gaming, streaming games, touch panels on controllers, camera-augmented controls? Not "next gen" just slight innovations on the same-same.

            Well said! I'm feeling like consoles (also TVs and digital mediums) are coming to a point of diminishing returns now. NES to SNES was like 'WHOA', Xbox 360 to XBone is like 'You can watch TV on it.. better.. somehow'.

            To me the Rift / VR represents a much more exciting leap that will literally 'change the way you play games' rather than just pretending to via hype.

            I think thats kind of the problem though, that people associate generation with some great change. Look at people - a generation of people is a group that are born within the same period of time. It's the same association being made to consoles, people are just designing their own meanings now.

    That feel when a cross-post asks a question that (most likely) no-one here can answer.

      PS4 controller feels heavier and more solid than the XB1 controller. Back triggers on the XB1 controller don't feel good - very little tactile response, which is offputting.

      XB1 sticks feel pretty good, so do the PS4 ones.

      PS4 has fantastic rumble, the New XB1 rumble is pretty cool.

        See this is my point above. When the SNES came out, was the first thing people commented on the controller?

          Didn't ppl mention how many more buttons it had? I remember being really impressed that I could play Street Fighter 2 on it with all 6 buttons.

            Didn't say never mentioned. I just thought the graphics / gameplay / sound would be more immediate differences..

    I'll be playing both at the EB Games Expo at the end of the month. I'll let you know then :-)

    My PC... Hah, yeah I went there. No I don't suppose I have considering the title said console.

    Nope havent been able to try out the next gen consoles, but thanks to microsoft, i've been able to see the xbox one behind a glass case.

    Wow an entire page of comments and no one has shared their experience using on. Just more lame Wii U PC jokes.

    I am going to try to get to EB expo just to try out a PS4 and Xbone. I pre-ordered a PS4 but I am curious to try both new controllers to be honest.

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