In A Perfect World, This Is The Only Game I'd Ever Play

In A Perfect World, This Is The Only Game I'd Ever Play

It would be a mobile game. A 2D "port" of the Persona 4 experience. Side-scrolling, but with all the dialogue, characters and battles from the 3D version in place. And that sweet art style.

Like P3P's paring down of the series' essence taken to its most extreme conclusion, basically.

If you're wondering who to thank, thank Michael Myers, whose work you may have seen here before.

Persona 4 Pixel Characters [Michael Myers]


    I'm playing persona 4 on vita right now as of Monday! It's pretty good so far but my god does it take a long time to get started.

      2 Hours to get started, 1 month of "just one more day" at 2am and 2 weeks to fix your sleep cycle. That's my Persona 4 experience anyway.

      At first I felt the same... being dragged along by the game from day to day with limited options. But then it lets you loose in the world and you realise how much content there is in the game (a heck of a lot!!). I'm starting my third playthrough soon - hope you enjoy this game as much as I have.

    why fuck with perfection?

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