Let's Compare The Old Wind Waker To The New One

Nintendo Japan has released two trailers showcasing some gameplay from the HD Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. One of them happens to be a nice little comparison video. Let's take a look!

The comparison vid, above, demonstrates how much more content the HD version, with its widescreen aspect ratio, can put on the screen. A few larger shots also show off some of the new visual effects and the sharper models and textures — something that the much longer gameplay trailer, found below, also does, although the focus here is on the puzzles the Wii U GamePad-specific controls.

Wind Waker HD lands on the Wii U in late September in Japan, and in early October elsewhere — with the exception of the digital eShop version, which is out on September 20.

ゼルダの伝説 風のタクト HD ゲームキューブ版と比べてみました。[[email protected]] ゼルダの伝説 風のタクト HD 紹介映像 [[email protected]]


    Looks amazing.

      TBH, I saw this today and I think it's the only thing making me want a wiiU. I've never gotten into the Zelda franchise and I think it's nearly time for me to start.

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        I'd say Wind Waker is a good choice to start getting into Zelda. It's definitely up there in terms of being one of the greatest Zelda games at least in my opinion

          I think you're right, I've played almost all Zelda's except 1 & 2 and I reckon Wind Waker is definitely one of the top 2.

        Wind Waker is my favourite Zelda game :). None of the others have it's charm, nor the open world that is just a joy to sail around.

    I know it comes with the art style to a certain extent but I'm pretty sure the WiiU is capable of smoothing out those polygons a little more than that. I mean it looks a lot better, but not really 2 generations better.

    What I want to know, is there any extra content? Aside from the stuff implemented specifically for the wii.

      Other than being able to get a sail that makes you faster I don't think so.

        That is disappointing. =(

        Yeah they tweaked alot of of small things, like when you play a song it's quicker, when you use the grapple hook thingy it's quicker, quicker sailing blah blah blah

        They just Smoothed out the game In general and added a harder mode where you lose double Health and there are no heart drops.

      They've completely overhauled the triforce quest (that a lot of people complained about being too tedious in the original release), there's a new harder difficulty mode available from the start, the "picto-box" now has a few new picture modes including self-shots and pictures taken can be posted on miiverse, there's a new item called the "swift sail" which can be used to travel in the boat faster, and the "tingle tuner" has been replaced with a "tingle bottle" - you can now leave messages in bottles which will wash up on the beach of other players.

    The more I see of this remake, the more I realise that the Gamecube was probably my favourite console. There were probably terrible games on it, but I sure don't remember playing any of them.

      The Gamecubes controller is probably one of my favourites. It was so damn comfortable.

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