Listen. That’s The Sound Of The PlayStation 4 Starting Up.

Listen. That’s The Sound Of The PlayStation 4 Starting Up.

Console startup sounds are the fanfare that signals our journey into the world of interactive entertainment. Let’s listen to the PlayStation 4 version of the tune, courtesy of SCEE PR manager Hugo Bustillos.

The sound, with accompanying video, was posted yesterday on Bustillos’ Instagram account. Many jealous comments followed.

Doesn’t sound much different from the PlayStation 3, really. Just a beep and a line of blue light, guiding fans home through the game-less darkness. Mmmm.


    • Then there’s the beepbeepbeep which is my PS3 saying “I’m crashing now, and taking your progress with me. Fuck you.”

      I hate that sound 🙁

    • yeah the beep sounds the same as the first PS3 model (I’m assuming its the same for all models) but only a little softer

  • i like it how the console wars right now are like the browser wars back in the day – where literally ANYTHNG is newsworthy.

    That said, dreamcast startup ftw.

  • I hope it sounds quieter than the PS3 when running. I keep thinking it’s chewing the disc up when I start it

    • I used to think that with the old 5 1/4 inch floppy drives. Those things had rabid monsters in them.

  • So this isnt the startup sound. This is the sound it makes the second you turn it on.

    The actual startup sound could be that orchestral score we heard in that trailer.

  • The PS1 startup with a THX style “dolby digital style” modern take, would an awesome startup for the PS4.

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