Next-gen Is Almost Here: Via Microsoft's Major Nelson, Here's The First Xbox One Console To Come Off

Next-gen is almost here: via Microsoft's Major Nelson, here's the first Xbox One console to come off the assembly line. Just two months until we get our hands on both next-gen systems.


    pretty ugly design...

      I can't believe someone down voted you xD Love or hate Xbox that packing looks pretty low key and boring. It looks like something someone at a flea market would be trying to sell me for $100. Get it home it's a toaster with a N64 controller .

        Yeah I agree. Down voting wankers.
        It looks like the plain boxes EB Games use for 2nd hand consoles at the top of shelves. Maybe the toaster also uses kinect. TOASTER ON!

    It is too the point I guess. I think the 360 had a more eye catching box for displays though.

    I wonder how the next 12 months will play out? Continued pissing contest between MS and Sony or once they settle into homes will they get on with developing there own products rather than pissing at each other.

    Xbox is the cancer of gaming.

      Looks like I have cancer then

      I thought whinging fanboys were the cancer of gaming...

        Made me LOL!
        Glad it wasn't another 'ps4 blah blah' comeback. Respect.

        Yeah all those morbidly obese nerds are the cancer of gaming

      Meaning that its growing and spreading everywhere??? Good one..

    well that's misleading.. people were expecting that nice looking black box.

    too bad i'm getting the blue box =P

    If they've finished making Day One Editions can they give me mine? :D

    Ugly box. Glad I got my sexy black Day One edition on order.

    Here is the Million dollar question...

    If this is the FIRST Xbox One off the assembly line, all boxed up and ready to go, then why isn't it in a Day One Edition box?

    Surely, they would be manufacturing the Day One Editions first to cover all those pre-orders?

    This would also mean that unboxing video of the Day One edition that the Major did was all fake also.

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