This Week In Games

What's happening this week in games? Loads of PC games! Sportsball! JRPGs! Re-releases! Surely you can find something you fancy in this hodgepodge?

Agarest: Generations Of War (PC)

What is it? A tactical JRPG that's already out for PS3 and 360. Should you care? I think if you're already a fan of this type of game you most likely have it on console already.

Air Conflicts Vietnam (PC)

What is it? An arcade air combat game, set during the Vietnam War. Should you care? You know, there's a serious lack of games like this and a market hungry for more. Might be worth checking out.

Arma Tactics (PC)

What is it? A turn based strategy game. Should you care? This seems to be fairly open-ended. I'm curious about this, but I know very little in the lead up to release.

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (PS3)

What is it? The sequel to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on the PS2. Should you care? I have to admit, I lose track of this series and its endless iterations.

F1 2013 (PS3/PC)

What is it? It's the F1 game! Should you care? I know people who on PS3s purely for this franchise. These are always well made and well put together.

Flashback (PC)

What is it? A remake of that game you loved when you were young. If you're old like me! Should you care? Apparently Flashback hasn't aged that well, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection (PS3)

What is it? It's another Metal Gear collection. But this time it has all of them. Should you care? As an unashamed Metal Gear Solid fanboy, I'll probably be picking this up. Making it roughly the 57th time I've bloody bought Metal Gear Solid 3.

NBA 2K14 (360/PS3)

What is it? It's that basketball game with the basketballers. Ballin'. Should you care? If you like the basketballs with the slam dunks and alley oops then, yes, you should probably care!

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Wii U)

What is it? Argh I thought this was next week! I am excited now! Should you care? Dear God yes.


    That MGS Collection looks awesome

      ozgameshop had it in stock from last friday at $59 dorra

        That was the US version, the PAL version is $62.99.

        I'm definitely getting it.

    It needs to be mentioned that for the MGS: Legacy collection, when Mark says "All of them", he means all of them, including Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2.

    Last edited 30/09/13 10:06 am

      I'm not even a Metal Gear fan and that still seems like a great deal. Like, maybe I should actually give them a try.

        You absolutely should. Don't even hesitate just get them :)

        I played them earlier in the year for the first time and they are great. Also play in order of release (not counting MG 1 or 2). Pretty confusing since I played 2,3,1,4.

    I figured Legacy Collection was already out, being it was on shelves and purchasable at my local EB on Saturday.

    Didn't MGS Legacy Collection come out last week? I saw it in JB. Maybe they broke street date or something...

    Wind Waker HD?

    It's Breaking Bad day though Mark, so you are forgiven.

    I've had MGS collection for months. Gametraders have been stocking it for ages. It's awesome, and the art book is nice, plus it's cool to have VR Missions.

    GTA Online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I just want a release date for MGS V - is that too much to ask?

    Don't worry Mark. I've bought all yhe MGS games many times too.
    I got this for collection sake and the art book.

    Arma Tactics is a whole different game to the Arma franchise. Think old school Fallout and Jaggered Alliance. If you enjoyed those games you'll find this just as enjoyable.

    Last edited 30/09/13 12:51 pm

    i have all the other MGS games. I just want a cheap copy of 4 so I can say I've played them all...

      Then eBay is your friend.

    I managed to get a WiiU premium on Saturday for $214 so I'm hanging for the HD windwaker :) Half the staff at our Dick Smiths didn't realise the consoles were half price too haha

    Now that I have my 200 buck wii U I'll be getting Wind Waker as it looks pretty cool.

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