Video Games Don't Need Colour, Just Style

This is Project Monolith, a first-person puzzle game with one hell of an art style. Going all monochrome is a bold choice, especially given the perspective, but it works really well here, as it's not only tying into the design of the world, but giving the game a trademark look at the same time.

It's been worked on quietly for two years now by a small team, and will hopefully be out next year on PC.

More info at the Kickstarter page below.

[Project: Monolith] [Kickstarter]


    So much for saving money, but I just love exploration games, I couldn't resist backing. Let's hope this game get fully backed and we get and alpha version soon :)

    Look like black and white halo, with no shooting

    Betrayer was black and white too. Then everyone complained because really, who gives a shit about a story someone else is crafting when you can just demand they cater to your ignorance and they'll give you a colour option.

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